Who is Eric Zemmour? France’s Tucker Carlson Electrifies the Presidential Race.

A second French polling institute has suggested that Eric Zemmour – France’s answer to Fox News host Tucker Carlson – might face Emmanuel Macron in the Presidential election run-off next April. While the French public has been widely aware of the conservative journalist and polemist since the early 2010s, he is beginning to garner international attention. Zemmour – born to a Berber Jewish family that left French North Africa during the Algerian war – grew up in the suburbs of Paris at a time of far fewer immigrants. He began his career as a journalist in the 1980s and quickly

Anti-Vax Mandate Protests Continue Across France as Election Season Heats Up.

On Saturday, anti-vaccine mandate proponents took to the streets of France for the 12th weekend in a row. Around 50,000 protesters manifested their opposition to the “vax pass” instituted by the French government before the summer. In Paris alone, around 10,000 joined the march. The French vaccine mandate requires citizens to show a QR code demonstrating proof of COVID-19 vaccination or of a negative PCR test conducted within 72 hours in order to access restaurants and entertainment venues, take public transportation, and board planes and trains. Public hospitals have also began putting unvaccinated staff on leave. The month of October

Stop Le Steal: France’s Macron is Quietly Changing Election Dates and Pushing Mail-In Voting to Hold onto Power.

France’s summer was marred by the rollout of a national vaccine passport and the ensuing protests which continue to take place every Saturday across the country. In the midst of this social tension, a politically significant event was given little note. In July, the French Interior Ministry – responsible for organizing national elections – presented the official dates for the upcoming and much anticipated 2022 Presidential election. While every French Presidential election runoff has occurred in early May since 1974, the government, with the approval of the nation’s council of Ministers, opted to advance the dates of the election to

150,000+ Sign French Letter Warning of Civil War, Demanding Major Anti-Islamist Changes to Society.

On April 21, thousands of French servicemen and women, including some 20 retired generals signed a letter warning political leaders that the country was heading for civil war as a result of the increasing threat of radical Islam. Now, after condemnations from France’s political establishment, thousands more have signed a new document doubling-down. Government ministers condemned the original message, some likening it to a military putsch. Marine Le Pen – French President Emmanuel Macron’s likely opponent in the 2022 French Presidential election – welcomed the letter and called on the generals to join her for a political solution to the

Green Mayor: “Children Should No Longer Dream of Aviation.”

Green Party candidates made large gains in last year’s municipality elections in France, which were partially delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Turnout was also historically low across the country. As a result, a number of large metropolitan areas are now controlled by the Green Party, also known as “Europe Ecology.” The party’s policies are rooted in anti-capitalism, environmentalism, and European federalism i.e. a United States of Europe. In recent years, the party has also become a strong proponent of open borders and critical race theory, and has denounced what they claim is a rise in “Islamophobia” in France and

Black YouTuber Charged For Calling Black Police Officer “Uncle Tom.”

YouTuber Nadjelika will appear in court on January 6th after the French government charged her with “aggravated insults to a public official” following the release of a video where she yelled racist remarks at a black, French policeman during an anti-police protest in Paris in June of this past year. Nadjelika has nearly 600,000 followers on the video-sharing platform where she talks about her personal life, her sex life, and social justice or racial issues. Last summer, French “anti-racist” groups jumped on the wave of Black Lives Matter protests in the United States to organize anti-police movements. They seized on