Is This a New and Improved Donald Trump?

If you watched Donald Trump’s victory speech last night in New York, you witnessed a pretty rare sighting these days: a presidential candidate acting presidential. Of all the candidates that I thought I would be calling presidential, Mr. Trump was not one of them. Tuesday evening after the New York primary, Trump Tower was packed with supporters and media awaiting another disastrously boisterous and egocentric victory speech from the GOP candidate. Instead, they were welcomed with a Donald Trump who was cool, calm and, dare I say, classy. Mr. Trump recently hired a new team to help him with his media

National Right to Life Backs Ted Cruz

National Right to Life has officially endorsed Ted Cruz as their candidate for the 2016 presidential election. This week, NRL News reported, “National Right to Life believes Sen. Cruz is the only candidate for president who has always been pro-life, who has a 100% pro-life voting record with National Right to Life, who can win the Republican nomination, and who can defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November.” This announcement came after his opponent, Donald Trump, had a difficult few interviews concerning his stance on abortion laws, leaving his campaign to pick up the pieces. In one interview with MSNBC, Trump

Republican Campaigns Go Negative in South Carolina

As the battle for South Carolina heats up, the GOP presidential candidates are not taking any chances with their words. The candidates are swinging attacks left and right to win the hearts and votes of The Palmetto State voters. Let the games begin. We’ll start with Marco Rubio. At a town hall meeting in South Carolina this past week, Rubio directly attacked Donald Trump for his profanity, highlighting that The Donald acts in a way that our preachers and churches would be ashamed of: You have a leading presidential saying profanity from a stage! All these things undermine what we

WATCH: Cuomo vs. Carly on Blaming GOP Rhetoric for Planned Parenthood Shooting

Chris Cuomo of CNN held nothing back when he began attacking Carly Fiorina on his show Friday. He started by asking: Do you feel any sense of regret about how you characterized what was going on at Planned Parenthood after the attack in Colorado? Because of what the man said which seems as though he was influenced by some of the rhetoric that was coming out of you and others that painted a very ugly picture and an unfair one, about Planned Parenthood? Cuomo was referring to Fiorina’s comments at a previous GOP presidential debate condemning Planned Parenthood after the release of

Cruz, Rubio Among Candidates Voting to Defund Planned Parenthood

Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Lindsey Graham all voted in favor of the recent bill to cut major congressional spending geared towards the controversial Planned Parenthood. The bill cut at least 89 percent of Planned Parenthood’s federal funding as well as major components of Obamacare: the “Independent Payment Advisory Board” and the “excess benefits tax.” Rubio made a statement to about the importance of the passing bill for him and the American people: I’m especially proud to support what this bill does to protect innocent unborn children, and increase funding for women’s health care by defunding

Top Five Candidate Responses to the Planned Parenthood Shooting

Republicans have been partially blamed for the shooting at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado on November 27th. Because of this, great attention has been given to the Republican candidates’ responses to the shooter and the atrocities that occurred on that day. Here are the top five: 1.) Ted Cruz has had to deal with the publicity that came from his response to the shooter’s crimes. He first responded on Twitter with the standard politically correct response: Praying for the loved ones of those killed, those injured & first responders who bravely got the situation under control in Colorado Springs — Ted

Carson: “All Black Lives Matter”

Dr. Ben Carson wants to shift the focus of the Black Lives Matter movement.  This past Saturday, the presidential candidate appeared at a daylong conference at Allen University, a historically black college, alongside Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley to discuss issues concerning black communities. Dr. Carson said that the Black Lives Matter movement needs to shift its focus from police brutality to other atrocities threatening black lives like abortion and homicide: “I believe that we ought to be talking about all black lives, not just a few,” Carson said. “The greatest number of black lives are eliminated in abortion clinics and

Eight Things To Love (or Not Love) About 2016

The 2016 presidential race is now in full swing, and so much has been going on. Candidates have been putting their feet in their mouths and moderators have been starting fights while the rest of the us try to deal with issues of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here are eight things to love and strongly dislike this election season: Love: The Catholic Bishops The bishops have recently come out with a statement saying that Catholics who support abortion and euthanasia are in formal cooperation with evil. Formal cooperation means you are directly involved in the evil act even if