Here’s What Trump Really Said on Life and Religious Liberty in New York

Yesterday, Jon Schweppe gave readers of The Pulse 2016 his thoughts after attending Donald Trump’s Tuesday meeting with religious conservatives in New York. His article summarized some of the assurances Trump made, but now that the official transcript of the meeting has been released, a more detailed picture has emerged of how the presumptive Republican nominee plans to protect and promote pro-life principles and religious freedom if elected. During the meeting, Trump reiterated his promise to pick strictly pro-life Supreme Court justices if elected: There are numerous things that we’re going to be doing. For one thing, we’re going to

These 3 Rule Changes Backfired on the GOP — And Helped Nominate Trump

Mitt Romney may be vehemently opposed to Donald Trump. But Trump could not have won the nomination without him. At least, that is the case put forward by Gwynn Guilford in a recent article from Quartz. Guilford details how rule changes implemented by the GOP elite in 2012 election ended up backfiring, and to the elite’s dismay, propelled the unconventional, anti-establishment wild-card Trump to the Republican nomination. The article identifies three dramatic rule changes, which, though aimed at ensuring party unity around an establishment candidate, instead helped pave the way for Trump’s resounding victory: 1.) The first rule “forced states