Enough Is Enough, Mr. Trump: You Must Be Pro-Woman to Be Pro-Life

This piece was co-authored by Bob Morrison. Is it possible to be pro-life without being pro-woman? The answer to that question may help pro-life Americans sort out the GOP field. After all, nearly all of the Republican candidates have endorsed the two cardinal priorities of the pro-life movement today: supporting a national limit on abortions late in pregnancy and ending public funding for Planned Parenthood. But check-the-box assessments of the candidates carry an inherent danger – overlooking the plain and obvious. Here is one thing that is plain and obvious to us: Donald Trump can lay no claim to being

Is Abortion Safer than Childbirth?

You have probably heard the phrase, “abortion is safer than childbirth,” just as you have probably heard late-term abortions are “rare” and performed only for serious medical reasons.  But that’s only because the media repeats these authoritative-sounding clichés so often, not because they “emerge from the data,” as scientists like to say. How safe is legal abortion?  How rare are late-term abortions?  The honest answer is: we don’t know.  Almost 50 years after Roe v. Wade, we still haven’t bothered to create an abortion reporting system that gives us the data to answer those questions. As leading attorney Clarke Forsythe