Clint Cline

Clint Cline is the president of Design4, a national media and messaging firm based in Florida.

And so it begins. The next episode of the Civics Reality Show that is the Republican presidential nomination was previewed last Thursday when the Republican National Convention floated a draft rule that, if passed, would ignominiously squelch the nascent “Stop Trump” movement. In an NBC News report, according to the draft rule: …it would effectively […]

If timing is everything in politics, then Paul Ryan had a very, very bad day last Thursday as he endorsed — sort of — Donald Trump. Ryan’s editorial in his hometown Janesville Gazette came on the same day as a Mother Jones report that a Trump delegate suggested that current political leaders may need to be “killed”; as […]

With the release of Donald Trump’s FEC filing on his holdings claiming his net worth above $10 billion, the question arises once again: why won’t Donald Trump self-fund his campaign? Does Trump — a self-proclaimed elite businessman used to making investment judgments — know deep in his heart that he is likely to lose and […]

While it appears Utah is Ted Cruz’s to lose today, Arizona presents a unique challenge to his winning a GOP Primary Daily Double.  The weekend polling of likely primary voters Maggie cited showed a few surprises. Prior to this poll, there had been a dearth of new polling, leading many to believe that the race […]

Florida and Ohio have carried much of the attention over Super Tuesday II because of their 165 winner-take-all delegates. But Illinois and Missouri, with 121 delegates between them, could turn them into swing states. A RealClearPolitics piece today notes their vital importance to the consolidation in the Republican Primary: The Republican primaries Tuesday in Ohio […]

This is not the narrative Marco Rubio anticipated he’d hear in the run-up to what was hoped would be one of the most significant moments in his young political career: having Florida GOP voters endorse their junior Senator as the next President of the United States. Instead, the political noise for him to sacrifice his […]

Must Ted Cruz win the February 20th South Carolina primary in order to have a clear path to the Republican nomination? In a word, no. While a distant second to Donald Trump could prove catastrophic, that is highly unlikely. Cruz need only place highly enough against the favored Trump and let the rest of field […]

So complete has the Washington political culture of both parties bred a climate that favors insider power structure and cronyism (both corporate and political), that it’s no longer able to hide it behind smooth talk and show votes. It’s official: the Emperor has no clothes. The American electorate is angry, and their anger erupted into […]

We correctly predicted the story out of Iowa would be Marco Rubio, as this Vox article details about his virtual tie with Donald Trump: What happened next? There was a massive wave of media coverage about how “Marco Rubio was the real winner in Iowa.” By exceeding expectations, the argument goes, Rubio generated positive buzz […]

Updating my earlier post, I would like to point out an article in today’s Washington Examiner explaining the most recent Iowa polling from Opinion Savvy and Emerson College and handicapping the reality of the Marco Rubio surge: Opinion Savvy, pulling from a list of registered voters, asked voters if they would caucus. If voters answered maybe or […]

I’ve been reading all manner of predictions that focus almost entirely on the horse race that is Donald Trump v. Ted Cruz. At this point, 27 hours from the Caucus start, it appears that either can win. Expectations are that they will finish one and two in a close race. And while the order of […]

Maggie, on the heels of your posting the Trump Twitter-rage against Iowa pastor Bob Vander Plaats, then his pointed rebuttal, I thought to add a bit of information Mr. Trump probably hadn’t considered when he let his hubris out of its cage only days before the Iowa Caucus. There’s an old adage in politics that […]

Media coverage of Donald Trump’s recent address to Liberty University students has typically highlighted his “Two Corinthians” theological flub – as if it will mean something significant to voters in Iowa: Trump was slightly mistaken in his Bible reference. “Two Corinthians” does not exist. He likely meant to say “Second Corinthians,” referring to the second […]

In light of the Rubio Nevada firewall strategy, I offer Dan McLaughlin’s (RedState) Rubio roadmap that seemingly validates it, though contrasting it with Cruz’s more viable path to the nomination. It’s an intriguing look – based on a presumptive Rubio victory in Nevada – at what would have to happen for Marco Rubio to win […]

There’s a chance the promising primary campaign of Marco Rubio and his “New American Century” may sputter before it ever ignites. Elaina Plott writes in National Review: Marco Rubio is going all in to win Nevada. Though the Florida senator has eschewed the idea that he needs to hunker down in any particular state, his […]

Maggie, there were two things I picked up on the first pass through the ad: He pointedly associated Marco Rubio with Mitch McConnell. He co-opted Rubio’s lower case man-of-the-people font at the end of his spot. I was looking for the nifty “TRUST TED —> TRUSTED“ graphic used in his campaign’s “Saturday Night Live” spot. I […]

Chris Christie appeared to get a boomlet from the Nevada debate this week. Why? For a hawkish foreign policy posture about Russians violating his proposed no-fly zone in Syria. Here’s some love from WaPo‘s Chris Cillizza, for example, on why Christie was a winner on Tuesday: Chris Christie: The New Jersey governor had one goal in this […]

Last night, many of us were surprised to see this ad from an apparently new contender for president, who fits right into the Washington establishment: “America, I am only getting started,” Frank Underwood intones. A brilliant little piece of creative marketing? A dark, satiric commentary on American politics? Both? Clint Cline is the president of […]

Maggie, this is essentially the same pitch that Donald Trump is making: “Trust me, I’ll have a plan for (insert issue). It’s gonna be great. It’ll be better than ever.” He’s betting on his brand. I think Marco Rubio is betting his optimism will give Trump supporters another reason to look at him, using identity […]

This will be the first debate without Donald Trump as “The Inevitable.” What the past few weeks have shown us is that Ted Cruz has built an impressively solid ground game in Iowa (and elsewhere), that Marco Rubio hasn’t, and that Ben Carson — still a nice guy — is largely out of his depth. […]