Democrats Obstruct Zika Funding Bill, Blame GOP for Obstructionism

For nearly three months now, Congress has been unable to pass a bill funding the fight against the Zika epidemic. This is not because no such bill exists; the House passed one in June which would provide $1.1 billion in funding to combat the virus’ spread. Senate Democrats have blocked the bill, however, for the simple reason that none of the funds would go to Profamilias, the Puerto Rican wing of Planned Parenthood. That’s all. The bill does not remove any funding from the group. In fact, it doesn’t do anything to impact their bottom line at all, which seems

“GOP” Senator Makes (Not So) Shocking (Non-) Endorsement

(Editor’s Note: Danny Cannon is fluent in sarcasm.) On Monday, the American electorate received critical information it had long been waiting for this election— at long last, Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) told us who she would be voting for in November. Well, really, she just said who she wouldn’t be voting for, but at least now the country knows what’s been on the mind of the esteemed Senator from Maine. Collins chose to publish her essay as an opinion piece in the Washington Post, the hometown paper of the people she best represents. Her piece is full of thought-provoking points,

Tim Kaine Asks Voters to Trust Hillary — But Can They Trust Him?

Last night at the Democratic National Convention, Tim Kaine attempted to make the case that Hillary Clinton is honest and trustworthy, a sentiment with which the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree. Amid a number of attacks on Donald Trump, Kaine laid out his argument: First, she’s consistent. … When you want to know something about the character of somebody in public life, look to see if they have a passion that began long before they were in office, and that they have consistently held it throughout their career. Kaine’s attempt to paint Hillary Clinton as a consistent, principled politician is

Planned Parenthood Undercover Videographer Cleared of All Charges

Last year, the Center for Medical Progress released a series of videos documenting Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of aborted children’s body parts. They feature Planned Parenthood officials haggling over the price of a baby’s liver, discussing how to most profitably crush an unborn child’s abdomen, and a whole host of other equally horrific statements. One video features a former employee of bio-medical company StemExpress, who had been instructed to dissect a child delivered at a San Jose Planned Parenthood clinic while the child’s heart was still beating. Today, the Harris County District Attorney’s office in Texas dropped all charges against David

WATCH: New Pro-Trump Ads Display Shift in GOP Economic Message

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been massively outspending Donald Trump on advertising since the beginning of this election, including in several key swing states. According to one report, as of July 13th the Clinton campaign and pro-Clinton PACs had booked more than $111 million on TV and radio ads through the election, while Trump and his PACs had booked a little over $650,000, due in part to GOP megadonors’ hesitance in supporting him. This week, however, one pro-Trump super PAC is trying to start closing that gap, with a $1 million ad buy in several swing states. Politico reports that the group, Rebuilding

New Polls: Hillary’s Numbers Plummet After FBI Announcement

The federal government may have decided to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for her “extreme carelessness” with classified information as Secretary of State, but, as recent polling shows, the voters most certainly have not. Since the end of June, and particularly after FBI Director James Comey’s press conference last week announcing the decision not to recommend charges against her, Clinton’s poll numbers have dropped dramatically. Jon Schweppe noted the Quinnipiac polls yesterday showing Donald Trump’s gains in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, where voters in each state consider Trump the more honest and trustworthy candidate now by margins of ten

Will the GOP Officially Support Defunding Planned Parenthood?

An effort is underway to ensure that a call to defund Planned Parenthood is included in the official Republican platform, the Washington Times reports today. Pro-life groups will be active in Cleveland in the days leading up to the convention, holding rallies and even flying a banner over the city in order to “keep the pressure on” Republicans. Meanwhile, a group of pro-life Democrats bought a billboard near the site of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, hoping “to remind delegates at the Democratic National Convention that 1 in 3 Democrats are pro-life.” These efforts come shortly after the Democratic Party

Donald Trump vs. Big Business: The GOP’s Civil War

The US Chamber of Commerce is upset. For years, they have shaped Republican policy, spending millions of dollars trying to push the Republican Party towards a business-first economic message that seems incapable of talking about anything but “job creators.” The most special of special interests, the Chamber is by far the largest lobbying organization in the United States, generally backing “pro-business” Republicans who they think will fight for their goals above all else. They find social conservatism distasteful at best, and a liability to their supposedly winning economic message at worst — a message which has nevertheless struggled to secure any

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