European Union ‘Failed’, Was ‘Irrelevant’ During Pandemic Says Major, Continent-Wide Survey

Majorities across the European Union believe the entity has been “irrelevant” and failed to “live up to its responsibilities” during the coronavirus pandemic, a new, content-wide poll has revealed. The news will be seen as vindication of the United Kingdom’s choice to exit the European Union, and the American political right’s continued warnings about European-style socialism and increasing centralization of powers. The European Council on Foreign Relations poll took the views of over 11,000 citizens in nine countries across Europe, those being: Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. The polled countries account for more than two-thirds

Chinese State Media Gloats While Wall Street Journal Admits to Publishing CCP Propaganda

The Wall Street Journal published Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda on Wednesday and there’s nobody happier than the CCP themselves. Moreover, the Journal appears to be fine with it, according to a new statement given to the National Pulse. “We have run numerous editorials and op-eds highly critical of China’s handling of the coronavirus, its deception, and manipulation of the World Health Organization,” said the paper’s editorial page editor Paul Gigot when asked for comment. “We’ve also recently criticized China’s military moves in the South China Sea, its crackdown in Hong Kong, and its theft of intellectual property, among other

Wall Xi Journal: Murdoch Paper Publishes CCP’s Hong Kong Enforcer Who Claims ‘China Wants to Help the World’

With such an overwhelming supply of domestically supplied fake news, it’s hard to imagine that America would need to outsource disinformation to China. The Wall Street Journal apparently disagrees, deciding to publish overt propaganda for the CCP in today’s paper. The writer behind the article is Xie Feng. Feng is the current commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Hong Kong. That’s a high ranking official for the People’s Republic of China who is tasked with brutally suppressing pro-democracy and rule of law protests in Hong Kong. A recent crackdown in the region saw leading anti-CCP activists like Jimmy

Why is the Chinese Communist Party Targeting Steve Bannon? Because He’s Right About Them.

There are few entities in geopolitics that practice information warfare as fervently and efficiently as the Chinese Communist Party. In order to assist their efforts of achieving political goals by bending information and distorting the truth, the CCP has an entire network of media assets to flood airwaves and every other medium with their carefully crafted narratives. They’re masters of propaganda, and they’ve found a new target, former White House Chief Strategist and renowned CCP-hawk Stephen K. Bannon. The opening salvo against Bannon came courtesy of this article on the China Global Television Network’s website. The article talks about how

Explaining The Case of General Flynn: A Set-Up From The Start

Lt. General Michael T. Flynn was set up by “rogue elements” of the FBI. Unsealed documents now in the public record proves it for anyone looking at this case with a sober mind. The end goal for those involved in this “case” was never to find the truth of an allegation, as any legitimate investigation would do. Instead, the end goal of this “investigation” was to persecute a man for standing on the wrong side of bureaucratic power. The most damning of the documents comes in the form of handwritten notes (pictured below). It isn’t made clear by the document


Justice for General Flynn.

Justice may finally be coming for Lt. General Michael Flynn. A complete and total exoneration, and a serious look at the depth of his prosecutor’s misconduct. This is according to new legal filings by Flynn’s relentless pitbull, patriot attorney, Sidney Powell. Lt. General Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in November of 2017. As part of his guilty plea, it was agreed upon that Flynn would cooperate fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The motive was clear from the start. The prosecution’s goal for General Flynn to flip on President Donald J. Trump, forcing some kind of

POLL: Two Thirds Hold Unfavorable View of China, Post-Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus pandemic has given rise to a new generation of China hawks in America according to a Pew Research study. And it’s about time. In short: 66 percent of Americans hold “unfavorable views of China,” 62 percent view “China’s power and influence [as] a major threat,” and 91 percent now say it’s “better for the America to be the world’s leading power than China.” To be clear: these sentiments are directed towards the Chinese Communist Party, not hard-working Chinese citizens who are the first victim of the regime’s iron fist and irreverence for human rights, but American workers,

Tedros Lied, People Died: Why Trump’s Right to End W.H.O. Funding

The World Health Organization’s pro-Chinese Communist Party cover-up was so blatant that even the left-wing Wired magazine had to eat crow over it. As Wired reluctantly points out, the evidence that the World Health Organization (WHO) was engaged in malfeasance on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) became sufficiently convincing with merely a tweet. Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China🇨🇳. — World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) January 14, 2020 On January 14th the WHO audaciously and ludicrously claimed there was