NEW POLL: Only 1 in 10 Republicans Trust National Media “A Lot”

It should come as no surprise that Americans are now more divided than ever when it comes to the sources they rely on for their news. However, new polling shows that a frightening number of both Democrats and Republicans have lost their trust for news media as a whole. According to a Pew Research Center poll released this week, only 34 percent of Democrats,11 percent of Republicans, and 15 percent of independents said they trust “a lot” the information they receive from national media organizations. And for local news, the trust level is not much better: only 36 percent of

Planned Parenthood “Faith Leaders” Denounce Trump’s Religious Freedom Order

Yesterday, The Weekly Standard reported on a press release from Planned Parenthood claiming that “faith leaders” who belong to the abortion giant’s Clergy Advisory Board are condemning President Trump’s recently issued executive order on religious liberty. According to the press release, which has since been removed from Planned Parenthood’s website, these “faith leaders” worry that Trump’s order will empower religious groups which object to including coverage of certain items and services, such as birth control, in their health insurance plans. The Planned Parenthood Clergy Advisory Board, according to Planned Parenthood’s website, is a group of “dedicated clergy and faith leaders

Atheist Group Suing Trump over Religious Freedom Executive Order

The atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) announced late last week they would be suing the Trump administration over an executive order on religious liberty which the President signed on Thursday. Although many political commentators, including some on the left, reacted to the executive order by pointing out its relative weakness, FFRF claims the order is unconstitutional because it necessitates the government to favor religion over non-religion. Despite the fact that the order applies to all non-profits, the group claims it will unfairly benefit churches and religious organizations. According to the suit, “President Trump’s EO creates the appearance of government

House Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood, Passes Obamacare Replacement

Today, the House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood by passing the American Health Care Act, Republicans’ replacement plan for the disastrous Obamacare. Leading pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony List released the following statement upon the bill’s 217-213 passage, urging the Senate to finish the job and get the bill to President Donald Trump’s desk: As the Vice President said last night at our annual gala, the legislation passed by the House today does two important things. First, the legislation stops the Obamacare abortion expansion by preventing taxpayer funding of health care plans that cover abortion on-demand. Second, the

Nancy Pelosi Explains Why Trump Won … And She’s Right

Last week, DNC Chairman Tom Perez made headlines for a statement suggesting pro-life Democrats ought to be ousted from the party, so that Democrats could maintain a single message. Some responded with outrage, like former pro-life Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak, who said that the chairman should “take a hike” and that he “has no business being the head of our party.” But the real surprise came by way of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to Perez’s mandate. In an interview with The Washington Post, Pelosi directly contradicted Perez’s statement and said not only that the Democratic Party should not have

Hillary Clinton Jabs Trump at LGBT Event: “We Need to Resist…” (VIDEO)

In the months following her 2016 election loss, former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had stayed relatively quiet on the issues facing the candidate who defeated her, Donald Trump. However, in the past month, Clinton has finally broken her silence and recommenced her attacks on the President. On Thursday night, she laid into President Trump and the Republican Party for their stances on LGBT-related issues. Clinton addressed the audience at LGBT-organization The Center’s fundraising dinner, warning of the dangers posed by the Trump administration. She proclaimed: We’ve learned something important: that the progress that we fought for, that many of you

TIME Honors Illegal Immigrant, Transgender Teen Among “100 Most Influential”

This morning, TIME released its annual listing of the world’s “100 Most Influential People.” There were many unsurprising names on the list, including President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and White House aide Jared Kushner; as well as celebrities Chance the Rapper, Viola Davis, and Ed Sheeran. However, TIME also made some, shall we say, head-scratching inclusions which strongly suggest a liberal agenda behind the honors. Take, for example, illegal immigrant Jeanette Vizguerra, who is featured on TIME’s list for, well, breaking the law. Vizguerra has been in the country illegally for 20 years, and was arrested in 2009

Rally Draws Crowd to Supreme Court Before Start of “Playground Case”

Today, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for one of the biggest religious freedom cases to date, Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer. The case will be one of the first for newly minted Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s and may produce one of the most important decisions of this term. In 2012, Missouri launched an initiative to encourage the use of recycled tires in an effort to make school playgrounds safer for children. When Trinity Lutheran Preschool requested a grant to participate in the program, however, they were denied. The state has defended its decision by citing the Missouri Constitution’s prohibition

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