NEW POLLS: Voters Blame Congress, Not Trump, for Health Care Failure

Last Friday, the country learned House Republicans’ attempt to repeal Obamacare had been officially abandoned, at least for the time being. Paul Ryan later admitted their failure, declaring Obamacare to be “the law of the land” and that Republicans would have to live with the former president’s healthcare law “for the foreseeable future.” Since last week’s events, various mainstream media outlets have used the GOP’s failure to push the narrative that voters are likely to hold President Trump to blame for the failure of the repeal effort as they continued to focus on his negative approval ratings. A Politico headline

Why Trump’s Low Approval Rating Shouldn’t Worry Republicans

“President Trump’s approval rating hits a new low.” Thus proclaimed USA Today earlier this week, furthering the narrative popular in the mainstream media that Donald Trump’s presidency is off to a rocky start. It’s no secret that ever since Trump announced his candidacy for president in June 2015, his favorability ratings have been unusually bad — never moving into positive figures and generally hovering between 2 and 25 points under water. However, despite Democrats’ constant attempts to disparage Trump based on these numbers during the campaign, this didn’t prevent Trump from pulling out the victory on Election Night. And now that