The YouTube Shooting Has Exposed the Left’s Real Agenda on Guns

Over the past few years, Leftist media outlets have published a litany of articles in support of gun control and other “intersectional” policies. Take, for example, these headlines from Salon: “Mass Shooters Part of a Larger Epidemic of White Male Rage” and “It’s Not About Mental Illness: The Big Lie That Always Follows Mass Shootings by White Males.” The Huffington Post even has an entire section devoted to their gun-grabbing policy goals and has given a prominent platform to children who accuse law-abiding NRA members of being uncaring toward shooting victims. Clearly, there is an agenda and a viewpoint at

Have Republicans Killed Fiscal Conservatism?

Fiscal conservatism is dead. After eight years of legitimate and accurate criticism of the Obama administration for their excessive and irresponsible spending, Republicans, now in control of Washington, have elected to follow suit and extend the same big government policy of capricious expenditure. In a middle of the night vote last Thursday, the Senate opted to end the hour-long government shutdown initiated by Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) filibuster against the abominable budget deal agreed to by leaders of both parties. With President Trump signing the bill into law, the new budget will lift caps on non-defense spending by over $300

2018 March for Life Recap: Pro-Lifers Make History in Washington

On Thursday, January 18th at 9:15 pm, two buses loaded with over 100 students departed from Hillsdale College, a small private school in southern Michigan. These buses contained just a few of the hundreds of thousands of people making a pilgrimage to Washington, D.C., for a single purpose: the March for Life. An event often ignored by the mainstream media, the annual march is routinely among the largest human rights demonstrations in the world, and its numbers continue to rise. Since its inception in 1974, when an estimated 20,000 people gathered to protest the now infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme

The One Problem with the Republican Tax Bill

With the Senate’s passage of Republicans’ much publicized tax reform bill, many conservatives are growing optimistic that Americans are on the verge of much needed tax relief. With the House version easily passing through that chamber last month, both sides will now go to conference to reconcile the bills and eventually send a final version to President Trump to be signed into law. While this appears to be a big win for the President and the Republican Party, there is at least one provision which conservatives should not be celebrating. But first, it is important to emphasize that, overall, this

Dear President Trump: “America First” Should Mean Free and Open Trade

Last Friday, President Donald Trump took the podium at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam to deliver a forceful speech in which he doubled down on his nationalist economic rhetoric. In his remarks, Trump rebuked Asian countries and their leaders for what he called “unfair trade practices” saying, “We are not going to let the United States be taken advantage of anymore.” Trump further asserted that the United States was continually subject to what he referred to as “chronic trade abuses” that were costing American jobs. While this rhetoric plays well with much of the President’s political base and

Boy Scouts Become Latest Casualty in War on Masculinity

The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that they have changed their organization’s male-only policy to now include female membership in the scouts. Starting in 2018, the Cub Scouts — an organization traditionally reserved for young boys and affiliate of the Boy Scouts — will be open to girls, with a program for older females expected to be rolled out in 2019. As of now, this change will affect the overall organization but will not alter the single-sex nature of scout troops, the smallest and most intimate groups in the Boy Scouts. This shift also is not the first

Americans Are More Polarized Than Ever — And It’s Destroying the Country

In case you haven’t noticed, the United States is currently weathering one of the most polarized eras of the country’s history. After arguably the most divisive presidential election in modern times, Americans are increasingly entrenching themselves inside their echo-chambered bunkers as social controversies proliferate. Whether it be the NFL National Anthem protests, the Emmy Awards or the latest tragedy in Las Vegas, many Americans have become all too eager to point fingers rather than find common ground; they turn to scapegoating rather than seeking to find solutions. This troubling trajectory is unsustainable and will further decimate the foundations of the

Pro-Life Group Announces National Tour to “Sock It to” Planned Parenthood

Over the past six months, students from campuses around the country have been campaigning and collecting donations for Students for Life’s “Sock it to Planned Parenthood” initiative. The goal of this project was to collect 323,999 baby socks — one for every life lost at the hands of Planned Parenthood abortions last year — and deliver them to Capitol Hill in order to convince Congress to defund the abortion giant. Unfortunately, Congressional leaders have not followed through thus far on their promise to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood, but pro-life advocates are not giving up yet. After delivering the