CANNON: Never-Trumper David French Picks Half a Million Abortions Over Trump Being Re-Elected… Seriously.

Over the past week the Republican National Convention has done more to highlight the horror of abortion than any major party convention in history. In addition to the appearance of Nick Sandmann — the pro-life teen excoriated by the media for having the audacity to show up to the March for Life, wear a Trump hat, and smile — the convention included a stirring speech from pro-life activist and former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. Johnson described in vivid detail the evils of the abortion industry: their anti-black, eugenic roots; abortion quotas; the rooms in clinics “where infant corpses

The Wall Is Worth Fighting For

In the past several decades, Democrats have repeatedly walked all over Republicans in virtually every single spending negotiation. With the aid of a willing media, Democrats have successfully pinned blame for any previous shutdown on Republicans, and rather than fight, Republicans have always given in and acquiesced to whatever the Democrats wanted. But not this time. This time, we fight. President Trump has drawn a line in the sand. During the campaign in 2016, he promised he would secure the border and build a wall to stop the flow of illegal immigration. He was right to do this. Democrats have sought to

Are Democrats’ Attacks on Kavanaugh Backfiring?

This article was originally posted at The Hill. Thursday’s appearance by Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a watershed moment for contemporary American politics. But while many stories will, understandably, focus on the continuing escalation of political polarization and tribalism which the nationally televised hearing made painfully visible, there is another, perhaps even more important takeaway to consider. For Republicans, Sept. 27, 2018, should be remembered as the day when their party became, clearly and unapologetically, the Party of Donald Trump. Until then, the battle for control of the GOP — which began during the presidential primaries of

How Kanye West Fought the Tyrannical Left — And Won

This article was originally posted at Townhall. By this point, conservatives have become accustomed to the Left’s favored tactic for dealing with opposing viewpoints. Instead of making a compelling argument with the aim of winning on its merits, the Left prefers to shame, label, and character assassinate those who dare to disagree in an attempt to silence dissent. It’s a tactic that often works to perfection, which is why they continue to use it. The threat of social or economic harm is often enough to coerce an individual to remain silent rather than publicly voice an opinion contrary to the Left’s

Pennsylvania Is Ground Zero for Social Conservatives in 2018. Here’s Why.

This article was originally posted at Townhall. I’m at a loss. What is the point of a social conservative movement that remains on the sidelines for the toughest and most important fights? What good are social conservative donors when they appear to concede the most important battles for religious liberty? One of the most significant races in the country — the Pennsylvania gubernatorial race — is happening right now. Yet, so far, the social conservative movement has paid it little attention. Why is this race important? The leading Republican candidate in the race, Scott Wagner, openly supports so-called SOGI “non-discrimination” legislation

Will Democrats’ Abortion Extremism Undermine Their 2018 Chances?

This article was originally posted at The Stream. Dems are chortling with glee about the election on Tuesday night: They snatched another victory in deep red territory. Trump won Pennsylvania 18th congressional district by 20 points. On Tuesday, the Democrat Conor Lamb eked out a win over GOP’s Rick Saccone. Dems are smacking their lips: They see a Democratic wave in November, and they may be right. But Democrats beware: your short-term special election victories are leading you into a huge political trap. Abortion Extremism This week’s win follows the surprise victory of Democrat Doug Jones over Judge Roy Moore in

Why the First Amendment Is at Much Greater Risk Than the Second

This article was originally posted at Townhall. Our nation’s elites are waging war on the American people, wielding the institutions they’ve spent several decades capturing to punish those who disagree with their preferred positions and to deny them the ability to speak publicly, all in an effort to stifle free and open debate. And no, this isn’t a George Orwell novel — this is the United States of America. While many still mistakenly view our political arena as a skirmish between “liberals” and “conservatives”, it would be more accurate to describe it as an all-out war between “elitists” and “populists”. As my late

President Trump’s No Conservative — But He’s Progressives’ Worst Nightmare

This article was originally posted at The Federalist. President Trump is often criticized by detractors on both sides of the political spectrum for his willingness to attack our nation’s institutions. Whether it be the FBI, the NFL, or even CNN, no “nonpartisan” institution has been spared. This has bothered many, especially elite conservatives, who have great respect for these long-standing institutions and believe them to be the bedrock of our republic. This betrays a fundamental naïveté — that these institutions are somehow above reproach and not subject to the same infectious politicization to which the rest of society has succumbed. That

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