Gary L. Bauer

Gary L. Bauer served in President Ronald Reagan's administration for eight years, as Under Secretary of Education and as President Reagan's Chief Domestic Policy Advisor.

Maya Dillard Smith, a black woman, quit her job last week. Was bigotry and harassment to blame for her quitting? Sort of. I’ll let her explain what happened: I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender young adults, over six […]

For weeks the media have been hounding Donald Trump over whether he had fulfilled a pledge to donate millions of dollars to veterans groups. This week, Trump held a press conference to put the issue to rest. Flanked by vets, Trump read a list of dozens of groups he financially supported. He said he had […]

The Clinton campaign released a new attack ad against Trump yesterday, accusing him of cheering the housing collapse in order to buy property inexpensively. This was a coordinated assault with Clinton surrogates in key states also making the charge that Trump profited from others’ suffering. Trump’s response was unapologetic. That is what any smart business […]

GOP Moves Closer to Unity

by Gary L. Bauer

A deeply divided Republican Party took a major step toward victory yesterday. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan met yesterday morning to discuss their differences as well as areas of agreement. After their meeting on Capitol Hill, they issued the following statement: The United States cannot afford another four years […]

The Obama Administration declared war yesterday on normalcy and the rule of law when Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that she was countersuing the state of North Carolina over its commonsense bathroom law. Make no mistake about what is going on here: The Obama Administration is unilaterally rewriting the law. It is attempting to force […]

Kudos to Ted Cruz

by Gary L. Bauer

After Indiana’s disappointing results came in, Texas Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. It was a very wise decision. I had just finished an appearance on the Fox Business Network, in which I tried to avoid suggesting that he should drop out. But by the time I got back to my house, Senator Cruz had […]

The “storm troopers” of the radical left have been busy in recent days. In California, open borders radicals beat up and harassed conservative activists attempting to attend the state Republican convention. There were mob attacks on individuals, which, by the way, you won’t see on the network news. Now that’s interesting. When a 78-year old […]

Indiana’s presidential primary is next week, Tuesday, May 3rd. And this afternoon, Sen. Ted Cruz got a big boost when Governor Mike Pence endorsed him. Here are some excerpts of Governor Pence’s remarks: I’m not against anybody, but I will be voting for Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. I am a Reagan conservative. . […]

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently made headlines for her extreme position on abortion. During a recent appearance on the The View, Clinton explained her support for Roe v. Wade by saying that an unborn baby has no legal rights and can be aborted right up until the moment of birth. Not to be […]

Felons for Hillary

by Gary L. Bauer

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) signed a sweeping executive order last Friday restoring voting rights to more than 200,000 ex-felons. The move potentially expands Virginia’s voting rolls by nearly 4 percent. That is not an insignificant figure. Virginia’s 2014 Senate race was decided by fewer than 18,000 votes or eight-tenths of one percent. The year […]

Highest negatives ever… That is a mantra we’ve heard over and over again from the left-wing media about the failure of the Republican Party to produce a winning nominee this year. It is meant to demoralize conservatives into prematurely surrendering the 2016 election. But I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. […]

I have to give Governor John Kasich points for consistency. He went on CNN¬†on Monday and doubled down on his view that values issues just aren’t that important. Referring to Mississippi’s religious liberty law, Kasich said: I read about this thing they did in Mississippi where apparently you can deny somebody service because they’re gay. […]

Ohio Governor John Kasich was on CBS’ “Face The Nation” show on Sunday. When the controversy involving state religious liberty laws came up, Kasich seemed to belittle the notion that religious liberty is something worth defending. Kasich said he “probably” would not have signed the law in North Carolina requiring men to use men’s restroom. […]

It is possible that Wisconsin may be Donald Trump’s Waterloo. After all, he did lose Waterloo, Wisconsin. While Senator Cruz enjoyed a five-point lead in the polls ahead of the voting, he over-performed and won by 13 points, taking 48 percent of the vote. Donald Trump finished second with 35 percent. Turnout broke a record […]

We told you earlier this week how Big Business, thoroughly co-opted by the sexual revolutionaries of the left, is attempting to browbeat the people of North Carolina and their elected representatives. Now we are witnessing the marriage of Big Government and Big Business as five agencies within the Obama Administration are threatening to withhold funding […]

Last week, more than 100 corporate CEOs signed a letter to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory demanding the repeal of commonsense legislation that requires individuals to use public restrooms and other facilities that coincide to the sex of their birth. The list of signers reads like a who’s who of the business community — Apple, […]

Trump Stumped on Life

by Gary L. Bauer

It’s no secret that conservatives have been split about Donald Trump. His strong policies on border security and his defense of America’s working class have touched a responsive chord with millions of people. Increasingly, however, Reagan conservatives have serious questions about whether his governing vision is rooted in anything beyond whatever happens to pop into […]

A Tale of Two Governors

by Gary L. Bauer

Here’s tale of two governors. One is a tale of courage. The other is a tale of cowardice. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently signed legislation that overturned a Charlotte city ordinance that allowed men who claimed to be women to use women’s restrooms. The new law creates a uniform policy that protects privacy […]

Time for Trump to Apologize

by Gary L. Bauer

For many voters, a major part of Donald Trump’s appeal is that he doesn’t apologize for anything. There is a real market for that when the demands for apologies so often come from the censors of left-wing political correctness. But what about apologizing when you have in fact made a mistake, especially one that ends […]

Last week,¬†students at Emory University found messages written in chalk at various places on the campus. Some students were traumatized and complained to the administration that they were afraid and “in pain.” What did they see? Swastikas? Was “KKK” scrawled in large letters on the side of a dorm? Did they see the Arabic writing […]