WAX: Here’s Why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is Tanking.

Once a favorite and a “rising star” in the national Republican Party, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has fallen from grace. Recent polling shows he has lost his lead in the Texas GOP gubernatorial primary, dropping nearly 20 points in just three months. Abbott’s collapse was not brought about by dishonest attacks from the corporate media. On the contrary, his inauthenticity has become too much for conservative Texas voters to bear. In the era of Trump’s Republican Party, the conventional wisdom of Republican in Name Only (RINO) hacks simply won’t cut it, and it is clear to all that Abbott’s inner

Allen West – Trump’s Texas Torchbearer – Overtakes Governor Abbott. Here’s Why.

A recent poll showed retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West leading incumbent Texas Governor Greg Abbott by six points, 38 to 32 percent. It also showed that Abbott’s support has cratered since his peak of 56 percent support in October. This may be a shock to Republicans outside Texas, who may have been fooled by Abbott’s carefully-constructed façade of leadership.  Abbott has done a decent job of pulling the wool over the eyes of national Republicans and even some Texas conservatives. Ever-ready to puff his chest out to secure a nice photo op before inevitably capitulating, we have observed this on

WAX: Conservative Inc’s Kid Commentators Are (Again) Attacking the Trump Right

“I don’t like it when I see GOP lawmakers sharing Breitbart articles,” the Washington Examiner’s Brad Polumbo wrote, alluding to Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz. “They’re not a credible source and shouldn’t be boosted.” Polumbo’s tweet garnered more replies than retweets, to the point where Polumbo had to mute his notifications and call anyone who disagreed with his take “alt-right” or “Frog Twitter.” A cursory inspection of the variety of replies shows this to be false. Doubling down on his cowardice, Polumbo proceeded to block any and all opposition he couldn’t handle, including your present author. Compared to the Examiner, Breitbart