Don’t Cry For Me, Speaker Boehner

You forgot or never realized, sir, that the Speakership of the United States House of Representatives is not a position of stability, nor of stasis. It is the least, rather than the most-protected, seat in that great chamber o’er which you presided (but which you failed to lead) these last four years. That chair and the nifty gavel that accompanies it are signs and symbols of the authority and responsibility entrusted to you directly by the several representatives of the partisan majority of which you are a single member, and indirectly by the people of the United States of America

How to Improve the Debate Format: Take a Cue from English Soccer

Allow us, today, to draw lessons from our British cousins. English Premier League Soccer, like today’s Republican Party, organizes its winners and losers into two strata. At the conclusion of each season, the three worst-performing clubs are “Relegated” to the lower league, while the three top-performing clubs from the lower league are kicked upstairs to the “Big Leagues.” Such should be the case with the two “Leagues” of last night’s Republican debaters. Let’s shake up the debates by rewarding success and punishing those candidates who depressed us, objectively failing. Organizers take note: The three lowest-performing debaters can be fairly judged to