Jenni White

Jenni White is a homeschooling parent and activist who helped lead the Common Core repeal effort in her home state of Oklahoma. She is a featured speaker nationwide and has written for outlets such as School Reform News, The Federalist, Truth in American Education, and American Thinker.​

This month, the Maricopa County Library District canceled an event at their annual LibraryCon called “Reading With the Queens.” The event, in which three drag queens were to read diversity and tolerance-themed stories to children, was canceled by the Library District’s administration citing it had “no connection to the spirit of the LibraryCon event” and […]

Since her confirmation in February of this year, Betsy DeVos has had a hard time finding her footing as America’s newest Education Secretary — a situation made so obvious in her recent Politico profile that Salon magazine immediately hit the presses to posit her early departure with its initial headline, “DeVos Expected To Resign.” In […]