Divorce All Trump Voters? Liberals’ Derangement Syndrome Now on Full Display

We are “on the very verge of the second dark ages,” according to Harper’s Bazaar writer Jennifer Wright, in her recent article entitled “If You Are Married to a Trump Supporter, Divorce Them.” With a headline like that, one would hope to find a strictly satirical piece, but instead, Wright leads us on a guided tour of the madness that the Left has lately been buying into. Political views, apparently, now trump any other possible connection that occurs between two people. The days of an Alan Colmes-Jocelyn Crowley or James Carville-Mary Matalin marriage are firmly behind us, if Wright’s piece is to be taken

Are Democrats About to Oust Nancy Pelosi?

It’s no secret Nancy Pelosi has been having a rough month, and a new Politico/Morning Consult poll released today isn’t likely to make her feel much better. Although the poll does show that a plurality Democrat voters — 41 percent — want Pelosi to stay on leader of the House Democrats, over a quarter of voters now say they would like her to be replaced. This is in addition to 31 percent who are unsure — far from a resounding vote of confidence in the former House Speaker. And while Pelosi’s favorability rating among Democrats remains positive, with 49 percent

Can This Pro-Trump Candidate Pull Off an Upset Tomorrow?

A new poll out in Virginia shows that tomorrow’s gubernatorial primary election may be a lot closer than many originally predicted. Previous polling showed establishment favorite, former RNC chairman and unsuccessful 2014 Senate candidate Ed Gillespie, with a comfortable double digit lead over Prince William County supervisor — and outspoken Trump supporter — Corey Stewart. However, the new poll places Stewart ahead with 42 percent to Gillespie’s 41 percent among Republicans who say they will definitely vote. Stewart’s strength in this poll comes from his energized base and their likelihood to actually make the trip to their polling place. According to

Media Madness! Ranking the Worst #FakeNews Stories of 2017

While March is normally the month reserved for madness here in the U.S., since the election of Donald Trump last November, the mainstream media has made losing one’s sanity seem like a year-round occurrence. Journalists have been plagued by an inability to discern fact from fiction when reporting on the new president and his administration, the result being a whole collection of laughable #FakeNews stories which have been debunked over and over again. So which #FakeNews story has been the worst? In keeping with a venerable March tradition, we’ve decided to hold a competition. Below are 8 stories run by

Adoption Policy Takes Center Stage at Important CPAC Panel

Amidst a crowded Day One schedule, CPAC yesterday afternoon featured an important panel called “Adoption: Every Child Deserves a Strong Family,” moderated by John Eddy, a board member of the ACU, and featuring Dr. Wendy Warcholik, Co-Director of the ACU’s Family Prosperity Initiative, Stan Swim, of the GFC Foundation, and Charlie Gerow, Vice Chairman of the ACU. The panel, unfortunately shortened due to delays with security, focused on the importance of strong families and adoption. Mr. Gerow opened the panel with a personal story of his mother’s decision to put him up for adoption. After his biological father left his

Trump vs. Baby? More Like Trump vs. the Media.

I had the opportunity to attend a Donald Trump rally in Ashburn, Va., this morning. Crowds were lined up around the building, chants of “we want Trump” were plentiful, the playlist was stale as usual, and the talking points were usual Trump fare: he’s self-funding his campaign; we’re getting killed in trade; and he will make this country great again. The mood was light-hearted, and the event went smoothly, despite a few protesters. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for a Trump rally. However, upon checking my phone before heading home from the event, it seemed every news outlet imaginable was piling

A Divided GOP Will Not Defeat Hillary Clinton

According to the current Republican convention rules, Donald Trump is the GOP nominee. Months ago, when Trump was leading, the Krauthammers and Kristols of the world were quick to point out that Trump needed to get 1,237 delegates to claim the nomination. They were just as quick to predict that Trump wouldn’t get to that number and legitimized calls for an open convention. Trump now stands at 1,542 delegates, but that hasn’t put to rest the calls for a floor fight in Cleveland. Just as Trump’s campaign should be staffing up and pivoting to the upcoming general election campaign, the

Can Trump Challenge Hillary Among Millennials?

As Paul noted, Donald Trump has been surging in recent head-to-head polls between himself and Hillary Clinton. The latest ABC/Washington Post poll, which shows Trump leading Clinton by two points, indicates that Trump is closing the gap within a very interesting demographic: millennial voters, or in this case, voters 18-29 years of age. Back in March, the last time this poll was conducted, Clinton was beating Trump 50 percent to 41 percent overall. In that same poll, Clinton was running the table with millennials, winning that demographic 64 percent to 25 percent. However, in the May edition of the poll released

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