Joshua Pinho

Joshua Pinho is a Digital Communications Associate for the American Principles Project.

Ben Carson has returned to the issue of gay rights, despite telling Sean Hannity in March that: I simply have decided I’m not going to really talk about that issue anymore because every time I’m gaining momentum, the political press says, ‘Let’s talk about gay rights.’ And I’m just not going to fall for that anymore. […]

Is Trump In or Out?

by Joshua Pinho

We’ve never had a billionaire president. In fact, the closest we’ve gotten was Ross Perot in 1992. Although, every couple of election cycles, Donald Trump seems to flirt with the idea of running. However, it seems that during this cycle, Trump has gotten closer to becoming an official candidate than he ever has in the […]

On Tuesday, in a rather startling political development, two of the designated “moderates” in the race entered where even Rand Paul is treading lightly: criticizing the Fed.  We fear they do not both have the arguments down yet, but Chris Christie was far better than Jeb Bush. The Business Times reported on Christie’s remarks during […]

Two recent polls conducted during the same time frame yielded slightly different results with the same underlying theme: there is no clear front runner. The first poll was a CNN/ORC poll of 240 Republicans and 243 Republican-leaning independents. The poll showed Bush and Rubio in a statistical dead heat, with Huckabee and Walker nipping at […]

A poll of 402 likely Iowa Republican voters was recently conducted by The Des Moines Register and showed Scott Walker’s lead slipping slightly from the Quinnipiac poll that Nick covered last month. In the Quinnipiac poll, Walker led the field with 21 percent, with Marco Rubio and Rand Paul in a tie for second with 13 […]

Quinnipiac released a poll today of 679 likely Republican or Republican leaning voters. The results of the poll showed Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker were tied for the lead, each garnering ten percent of support. The full results of the poll were as follows: Don’t know: 20% Jeb Bush: […]

Carly Fiorina’s willingness to field questions is yet another stark difference between herself and Secretary Clinton. At noon today, Fiorina held a press conference at the Marriott Hotel in Columbia, S.C. This choice of venue wasn’t random, as Hillary Clinton will be holding several campaign events at the hotel today that are closed to the press. […]

Yesterday, the American Future Project released a TV ad featuring Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. The ad dealt with the issue of religious freedom in America and featured clips from two speeches Jindal has given: Our religious liberty must, in no way, ever be linked to the ever changing opinions of the public. We must understand […]

Pew Research recently released a poll of 2,002 adults aged 18 or older. Mike Huckabee was the most favorable candidate among people who considered themselves to be Conservative Republicans or at least those who considered themselves Conservative Republican leaners. However, in terms of net favorability, Marco Rubio edged out Huckabee by a relatively slim margin. […]

Planned Parenthood is running a poll asking respondents “which candidate do you think poses the worst threat for women in 2016?” It frankly boggles the mind how a female candidate who has built a positive narrative around her experience as a woman in the corporate world could even be considered a threat to women. One […]

On Friday, Marco Rubio appeared at the Georgia GOP convention, where he continued his “yesterday’s over” narrative. While a majority of his speech was focused mainly on foreign policy and economics, Jim Thompson of the Athens Banner-Herald reports: Rubio’s speech also ventured into one social issue, for which he got some sustained applause, as he called […]

By all accounts, Ted Cruz impressed last week at a Georgia GOP dinner. Cruz discussed his three prong approach to restoring our nation, as Jim Jess of the Cobb County Conservative Examiner reports: He then posed the question that would frame the rest of his remarks: “How do we ignite the promise of America?” And […]

Clinton Losing in NH

by Joshua Pinho

A recently released WMUR/University of New Hampshire poll of 706 New Hampshire voters showed Clinton losing ground in matchups against several candidates from the GOP field. Bush, Paul, and Rubio beat Clinton when matched up against her, while Walker tied her, and Cruz narrowly lost. The full results were as follows: Bush: 47% Clinton: 41% […]

During an appearance on CNBC yesterday, Carly Fiorina emphasized the clear policy differences between Jeb Bush and herself, specifically on Common Core and immigration reform. Fiorina had this to say: Well, I don’t support his notions around comprehensive immigration reform, for example. I think we have to get some basic things done right first, which […]

Last Friday, Marco Rubio appeared at the NRI Ideas Summit in Washington DC and was asked to discuss his views on, and plan for, immigration. He was first asked about the Gang of Eight bill, and his previous work on immigration legislation: I believed that if we didn’t do something to preempt him, the President […]

According to a Politico Playbook report, New York City Mayor, and rumored presidential hopeful, Bill de Blasio is set to unveil a progressive version of the “Contract with America.” Politico reports: FIRST LOOK – De Blasio to unveil a progressive version of the “Contract with America”: “On Tuesday, May 12, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio […]

A recent Quinnipiac poll of 667 likely Republican voters asked respondents which candidate they would support if the “caucus were being held today.” Jeb Bush received only five percent of support, which put him in seventh place behind Walker, Paul, Rubio, Cruz, Huckabee, and Carson. The full results were as follows: Scott Walker: 21% Rand […]

On May 4th, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appeared on Boston Herald Radio and was asked to discuss his views on marriage related to the upcoming Supreme Court decision. Graham had this to say: Well, can you be for traditional marriage? Yes. Am I for traditional marriage? Yes, I believe marriage has stood the test of […]

An article published last week by the New York Business Journal covered George Gilder’s recent appearance at the OnFinance conference. During his remarks to the conference’s attendees, Gilder endorsed the use of bitcoin in no uncertain terms: “I think bitcoin should be conceived, first, as a new infrastructure for the Internet, a new transactions layer […]

May is upon us and brings with it several expected presidential campaign announcements. According to a Washington Post report, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina announced their campaigns today, as expected. Carson hosted an event in Detroit, while Fiorina announced her campaign in an online video and an appearance on Good Morning America. Fiorina will follow up her announcement with a […]