CODY: Republican Resolutions for the New Year Include Using Power to Pursue the Left, and Recruiting Americans to That Cause.

The Republican Party need to start setting New Year’s resolutions. After a midterm strategy that was as disappointing in its outcome as it was in its execution, the Washington-led GOP needs a long, hard look in the mirror. Currently, a concatenation of terrible decisions happened within the halls of Congress, and on Capitol Hill. Some in that industry think the blame is easily placed on them. It is. But that’s because it is well earned.  So, instead of relying on the McLeadership to come up with their own “fix” for these issues, we’ve done it for them. Starting, as ever,

CODY: Tennessee Republicans Humiliate Cultural Marxists and Win Elections, Here’s How…

Evidently, the Republican Party has a voter turnout and motivation problem. In these past mid term elections, Democrats did not turn out in record numbers, but rather, Republicans failed to drive out their base, and failed to convince independents to vote for them. Republican often ran on nothing more than generic campaign talking points and headlines that quickly sounded like white noise to already exhausted likely voters. Many have looked to Florida or New York for best practice, or how their Republican tickets united to win groundbreaking races across their respective states. But in terms of solid, national conservative policy