WATCH – The Rape of Hong Kong: How The CCP Uses Sexual Violence Against Democracy Protesters

In a must-see video produced by a Hong Kong father of six, and premiered on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic show, five Hong Kong victims share their trauma and incidences of sexual assault at the hands of CCP armed police allegedly disguised as Hong Kong law enforcement. Elmer Yuen, an ally of the Hong Kong protestors and CEO of Golden Bridge Technology Inc., believes the proposed National Security Law will bring an ethnic cleansing to Hong Kong and implores leaders of the free world to listen and to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for their years of brutal abuse.

The Importance of Fathers

Father-absent homes produce children twice as likely to drop out of high school, twice as likely to suffer from obesity, four times more likely to experience poverty, and seven-times more likely to become pregnant as teenagers.


DATA: Black Americans Disproportionately Hit by Joe Biden’s Outsourcing of US Jobs to China

As a United States Senator and the chief architect of the Obama Administration’s Chinese foreign policy, former Vice President Joe Biden facilitated the offshoring of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China – a move that disproportionately disadvantaged black working-class Americans. The Democratic Presidential candidate made his first visit to China in April of 1979 as part of a US Congressional Delegation. Not long after, Senator Biden voted to grant China permanent normal trade relation (PTNR) status in 2000 and lobbied for China’s inclusion into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. Reflecting on the trip at the opening session of the

BANNON: 2020 Election is All About China

Longtime China-hawk and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told the Asia Times in an interview: “This confrontation with the Chinese Communist Party, I believe, will be the single defining aspect of 2020.” When Bannon joined the Trump Campaign as CEO in August of 2016, then-candidate Trump trailed Clinton anywhere from eight to fourteen points. Bannon believes Trump’s stunning, come-from-behind 2016 presidential victory represents the rejection of Wall Street corporatists and K Street globalists who for decades off-shored American jobs to China and facilitated the managed decline of the Western system. For Bannon, dismantling the endemic corruption of the

ONE MILLION Sign Petition to Shut Down Pornhub for Sex Trafficking Videos

A petition to shut down Pornhub, one of the most visited pornographic websites in the world, for enabling and profiting from video content depicting trafficking, rape, and under-age sex reached one million signatures this week with signers from 192 countries. Led by anti-trafficking expert Laila Mickelwait, the fast growing #Traffickinghub movement – a non-religious, non-partisan campaign – is blowing the whistle on Pornhub and its parent company Mindgeek. The grassroots global movement to shut down Pornhub, powered by the anti-trafficking organization Exodus Cry, gained ground this past February following the publication of an opinion piece by Mickelwait for the Washington

Obama Saw China as a Space Partner, Trump & Musk Think Otherwise

The Obama Administration drastically descaled NASA’s exploration program and reoriented the agency toward international collaboration – paving the way for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) space exploratory and warfare development. NASA’s globalist revamp at the direction of the Obama White House was nothing short of an astronomical failure. Obama White House senior advisor John Holdren said: “Many of us, including the president, including myself, including (NASA Administrator Charles) Bolden, believe that it’s not too soon to have preliminary conversations about what involving China in that sort of cooperation might entail,” addressing future NASA missions before a Congressional committee in 2011.

Bannon: We Are at War with the Chinese Communist Party

To longtime China-hawks like former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, the Chinese Communist Party’s early mishandling of the novel coronavirus pandemic and subsequent cover-up is a providential wake-up call. “It’s made things crystal clear. We’re in a war with the Chinese Communist Party,” he says. In an exclusive interview with The Wire China, Bannon highlights the threat the Chinese Communist Party poses to the United States and the urgent need to decouple completely from China’s authoritarian regime. On January 23rd – the impeachment saga dominated the news cycle – Bannon attempted to isolate “the signal from the noise” and

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