Laura Loomer on ‘The Spirit of Revenge’: What George Washington Would Make Of 2020’s Elections

Two hundred and twenty-four years ago, America’s first President, George Washington, published a farewell address that has endured as one of the most prophetic warnings from history of the dangerous of divisiveness, loyalty to party over nation, and the influence of foreign powers in American domestic affairs. As a journalism major and political science minor, and a student of history, I have been exposed to some of the best that has been thought and written. But no letter or speech has lingered in my mind like Washington’s powerful warning against factionalism, political tribalism and corruption—because everything Washington warned us about

LOOMER: Let’s Talk About Racism (and How Democrats Use Race as a Political Football)

On June 19th, President Trump will resume his campaign rallies in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The timing and location of the rally stand as a reminder of incidents in America’s history which were clearly driven by racism. While June 19th, known as Juneteenth, is widely known as the anniversary of the day that the last enslaved African-Americans were read President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, most Americans remain unaware of the significance of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1921, Tulsa was home to the Greenwood neighborhood that was known as “Black Wall Street.” It was a booming economy of Black-owned businesses, one of the most successful


EXCLUSIVE – Laura Loomer: Quit Your Big Tech Addiction Before It ‘Quits’ You.

You’re a social media addict and so was I. Big Tech has us hooked in, and while some conservatives are willing to be vocal about it, very few are willing to change their behaviors. That’s addiction. There’s a great debate about this between Vox’s Ezra Klein and author Nir Eyal. Klein – in response to Eyal’s denial that people hooked on Big Tech can be classed as “addicts” – offers what I think is a killer blow: “I actually think that if we don’t talk about addiction, we are letting these companies off the hook. That’s what I think is dangerous.” Of