City Bans Michigan Farmer from Market for Refusing to Host Gay Wedding

Stephen Tennes, a Michigan orchard and farm owner, has filed a lawsuit against the city of East Lansing for refusing to permit him to sell his fruits and vegetables at a city-sponsored farm market. What was his crime? He refused to host a same-sex wedding at his orchard and posted on his Facebook page “his Catholic belief that marriage is a sacramental union between one man and one woman.” His refusal to host a gay wedding took place in Charlotte, Mich., far away from East Lansing’s jurisdiction. But according to Tennes, the city leaders decided their anti-discrimination policy required excluding him from the

Melania Trump Comes Out — As a Catholic

Slovenia, where First Lady Melania Trump comes from, is a Catholic society. But Melania’s father was a Communist, so she wasn’t publicly baptized, and she didn’t receive her First Holy Communion at the same time as other children in her neighborhood. Something about watching her with the Pope, especially when she asked him to bless her rosary beads, made me suddenly wonder: Is she Catholic? Apparently I was not the only one who wondered. Melania’s spokesperson has confirmed to the Daily Mail she is indeed a Catholic. How, why, and when? The private First Lady added no details. She would be

Ron Paul Cheers Historic, New State Law Ending Taxes on Gold Coins

Arizona just became the second state, after Utah, to remove state income tax from gold and silver coins. Ron Paul, for one, is cheering: Every supporter of free markets should cheer Arizona’s passage of HB 2014. There is no more justification for forcing individuals to use government created money than there is for forcing them to drive government manufactured cars. In fact, as the Federal Reserve’s 114 years of failure shows, giving monopoly control over our money supply to a secretive central bank is the most dangerous form of government intervention… By taxing any increase in the value of gold

New Report: These 2 Cities Have Crippled the US Economy

A new study by University of Chicago and University of California, Berkeley scholars Chiang-Tai Hsieh and Enrico Moretti suggests an economic villain shocking to the liberal imagination: San Francisco and New York. Yes, San Francisco, the glittering cosmopolis of the new money, and New York, the towering stronghold of the old money, are together responsible for “lower[ing] aggregate US growth by more than 50% from 1964 to 2009.” Intense development constraints create a market where the rich bid with super-rich to live in the core cities. Tenants in rent-controlled apartments hang on for dear life. New entrants have nowhere to

Justice Alito Warns Seminarians of Threats to Religious Liberty, Free Speech

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, a south Jersey native and “something of a Philly boy” according to local news, spoke at the graduation of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Reporters were not allowed to record the event. But one local news outlet reports he gave a strong warning about diminishing respect for religion here in the United States, and issued a call to stand with Christian martyrs abroad: “For most of my life, American people have been united in their strong respect for religious liberty. But recently, things have started to change,” Alito said. He added: “The

Does Divorce Make You Drunk? New Study Says Yes.

Married people live healthier, happier, and longer lives, on average. They are better off financially and even have sex more often. But skeptics persistently wonder whether it is marriage itself that makes people healthier or whether it is just an illusion, a marker for something else. That debate will continue as long as liberals believe that sexual diversity is the key to human flourishing. But a new study from Sweden adds powerful new evidence that divorce hurts — and marriage helps — people live healthier lives. Sweden has a national registry system that allows scholars to look at essentially every

BREAKING: Kentucky Court Delivers Victory for Christian in LGBT T-shirt Case

A Kentucky appeals court has just delivered a stunning blow to the ongoing effort to redefine opposition to same-sex marriage as a form of discrimination against gay people. Blaine Adamson is a Kentucky native, a married family man supporting three kids, and a Christian. For the last ten years, he has owned and operated a small printing shop in Lexington, Ky., and has routinely turned down printing messages that offend his conscience, including a promotion for a local strip club, a biker T-shirt that called women the B-word, and a T-shirt promoting the local Pride Festival. Only the latter resulted in a complaint

Dear John: A Letter to Kasich from GOP Voters

Dear John: You’re a good man. A dear man. A man I know will someday find someone to love you. But we thought we made it crystal clear in 2016: you’re not the man for us. What part of losing 29 straight GOP primary contests don’t you get? Oh, then of course you won Ohio. They love you in Ohio. See I told you somewhere there was a place for you. I hear next week you are going to audition for our love again — on CNN of course. Debating Bernie Sanders isn’t going to change things, John. I saw

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