A Cheap Shot at Pro-Life Senator Mike Lee from the Right

A George Mason University professor writing for the widely read law blog “The Volokh Conspiracy” has attacked Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) over his entirely reasonable concerns about the record of Jessie Liu, a nominee for associate attorney general whose candidacy ended as alarming facts about her tenure at the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) came to light. The writer downplays those facts, filling the gaps in his understanding by assuming racist motives on Senator Lee’s part. He has subsequently attempted to backpedal. This absurd accusation cheapens a legitimate discussion. Senator Lee is deeply concerned with upholding policies that protect

Two Planned Parenthood-Linked Companies Charged with Selling Aborted Babies’ Organs

Planned Parenthood celebrated its 100th anniversary Sunday under a cloud of ongoing scandal. Just last week, the District Attorney of Orange County, California filed charges against two companies previously allied with Planned Parenthood — DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics — for illegally profiting from the sale of aborted babies’ organs. DaVinci Biosciences should sound familiar to anyone following Planned Parenthood’s baby parts controversy. The medical director of Planned Parenthood Orange and San Bernadino Counties, Jennefer Russo, confirms their relationship in a Center for Medical Progress video released in March. Russo explains how DaVinci “take[s] the whole specimen” and reveals not

After 40 Years, This Policy Has Saved 2 Million Lives — And Hillary Wants to End It

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, bipartisan policy that prevents taxpayer funds from being used to pay for abortion on-demand through Medicaid. For decades, the Hyde Amendment — named for its lead proponent, the great pro-life Congressman Henry Hyde — has protected unborn children as well as the conscience rights of pro-life taxpayers who do not want to be complicit in abortion. A new report from the Charlotte Lozier Institute calculates that because of the Hyde Amendment, more than two million people — each one of them created and sent to this world for a purpose —

Mike Pence Promises a Trump Presidency Will Stand for Life

If there was ever any question about who pro-life voters should support on Election Day, Mike Pence — who has championed pro-life initiatives in Congress and as governor of Indiana — cleared it up over the weekend. At the annual Values Voter Summit on Saturday, Gov. Pence once again demonstrated his deep roots in the pro-life movement as well as his unyielding commitment to working alongside Donald Trump to protect life in the White House. “The Trump-Pence administration will stand for the sanctity of life and defend the unborn from the first day we take office,” he said, before reiterating specific

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld Do Not Deserve Pro-Lifers’ Votes

Lately there has been a flurry of interest in the Libertarian ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, including op-eds suggesting that they are a sensible alternative for pro-life voters disillusioned with both major parties. I couldn’t disagree more. Johnson and Weld are unacceptable for pro-lifers. Period. Johnson has said he supports abortion up until viability, while Weld supports unlimited abortion on-demand, up until the moment of birth. The United States is currently one of only seven nations to allow abortion on-demand after five months — more than halfway through pregnancy and a point at which research shows the unborn child

Kaine’s Mixed Signals on Abortion Reveal He Will Say Anything to Win

Tim Kaine wants to win, and now we know he’ll say anything to do it. That includes misleading voters on his position on the Hyde Amendment, the popular, bipartisan policy that has protected the conscience rights of taxpayers for decades by stopping federal funding of elective abortions under Medicaid. The Democratic VP nominee has flip-flopped his position on taxpayer funding of abortion five times in the last month. Last Friday, Kaine told CNN he supports the Hyde Amendment, contradicting the Clinton-Kaine campaign manager Robby Mook who said Kaine supports repealing Hyde and backs Clinton’s abortion agenda “100%.” Over the weekend,

A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Be Terrible for the Pro-Life Movement

The season of waiting for the Supreme Court to issue some of its most controversial rulings of the year is upon us, and one of the most far-reaching decisions is the one on Texas’s abortion health and safety law. HB 2, adopted by wide margins in the state legislature, created tougher standards for Texas clinics and required abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at hospitals to facilitate treatment of complications. It is always possible that the Court, which is short one member due to the death in February of Justice Antonin Scalia, will deadlock over the Texas law. But even

Pro-Lifers Will Be Watching Donald Trump Closely on Monday. Here’s Why.

I was encouraged when, during a meeting with evangelical and social conservative leaders this week, Donald Trump reiterated the most important pro-life commitment he has made to date: that he would appoint pro-life judges to the U.S. Supreme Court. To quote him verbatim, “We are going to appoint great Supreme Court justices… These will be justices of great intellect… And they will be pro-life.” Mr. Trump also spoke about threats to religious liberty and how the federal government continues to threaten the ability of people of faith and conscience to speak out in the public square. The conversation which started on

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