Mary Powers

Mary Powers is a young professional living and working in Washington, DC.

On Tuesday night, history was made. Not only because Donald Trump came through the finish line with the electoral college victory that people never thought he would achieve, but also for the issues that he stood for and won on. One of the most historic aspects of Trump’s campaign has been his stance on life. He has […]

Election Day is tomorrow. It is a day we have been waiting for since the primary began a year and half ago. America has been in full tumult swinging back and forth between candidates, riding the roller coaster of emotions as new information surfaced. And just like generations before us, we will go to the […]

Don’t count the Sweet Meteor of Death (SMOD) out just yet. Last week, as the Chicago Cubs capped off a miraculous comeback in the World Series for a historic Game 7 win, the “final seal of the apocalypse” was opened, giving SMOD an opportunity unprecedented in election history. Some conservative groups are taking his candidacy […]

Pro-life groups are in the final stages of reaching voters as early voting continues across the country. On Monday, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) released new numbers for their grassroots campaign, announcing that more than 700 pro-life activists are working with them and their partner PAC, Women Speak Out, knocking on over 1 […]

There’s been much talk among Catholics over the last day and a half about the newly released emails on the Hillary Clinton campaign’s disdain for them. It is also beginning to seep into mainstream outlets. There are two interesting things to consider here. The first is that the Catholic Church has survived for over 2,000 […]

It’s time the media did its job and did a thorough investigation into the second major candidate in the race. It has circled the wagons around Donald Trump looking for answers on his crude remarks and now it is time that they ask Secretary Clinton a few questions as well. It’s only fair. The media […]

Senator Tim Kaine is wrong on abortion. And he is wrong about the Catholic faith. Thomas Aquinas wrote that is the duty of any leader to promulgate just laws for the common good. Included in those laws is the fundamental right to life, without which no other rights are available. In last night’s debate, Kaine […]

In Wednesday’s speech on jobs, Hillary Clinton made a beautiful plea for those with disabilities, without recognizing her own handicap: an abortion worldview. The double standard for helping those with disabilities while advocating for abortion does not seem to be contradictory in her own mind—so much so that it can be likened to the great […]

I can imagine it now: a pre-convention strategy session of Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood strategists at a table over salad in a beautiful penthouse conference room trying to figure out what Hillary Clinton’s song will be for the DNC. “’That Girl Is on Fire’?” “No, that was Carly’s.” “’Roar’ by Katy Perry?” “No, too […]

On Monday, we lost an American icon and hero for women. Phyllis Schlafly, the First Lady of the conservative movement, was a force of nature. She led a revolution of American women while raising six children, fighting the Equal Rights Amendment, writing a syndicated column, writing an 800 page book, and getting her law degree […]

American women have fought long and hard over the past century and a half to take a stand in the public square. The original suffragists fought for voting rights for all women, as they do have opinions distinct from men and should have a right to voice those opinions in the public square and at […]

If the rumors prove to be true, Donald Trump has made a great decision in choosing Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. Here are the top four reasons why: 1.) Governor Pence brings experience and stability to the campaign. Personnel is policy: Trump committed to hiring strong leaders with experience to work with […]

The abortion lobby’s mantra of “safe, legal and rare” just went the window. Now they are just advocating for it to be legal. The U.S. Supreme Court this morning in a 5-3 decision struck down parts of a Texas law that would have required abortion facilities to have hospital-style surgical centers and would have required […]

As Hillary Clinton clinched the Democratic nomination two weeks ago, there was an ad that was released bashing Donald Trump’s comments on making fun of a disabled reporter. Here’s the ad. Do you think it’s a pro-life ad or a pro-Hillary PAC ad? Beautiful, right? Great pro-life ad? Wrong. Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton PAC, ran […]

Four years ago, America was faced with an electoral choice. A choice between a 100-percent liberal, pro-abortion candidate, President Barack Obama, and a candidate who had flip-flopped on almost every issue (including abortion), Governor Mitt Romney. Today, America faces a similar choice: between a 100-percent liberal, pro-abortion candidate, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and a candidate who is still working on […]

The Justice Department sent a letter today to the Governor of North Carolina, Pat McCrory, challenging the state’s recent law regarding individuals’ use of bathrooms which do not correspond to their biological sex. According to the feds, the law violates Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act, which prohibits sex-based discrimination against employees. The […]

After being tapped by Ted Cruz as his VP pick should he win the nomination, Carly Fiorina received her first major “endorsement” — an attack from Planned Parenthood. Calling the Cruz-Carly team the “most loathsome pair in America,” Planned Parenthood went on to assail her pro-life views and even her tenure at Hewlett-Packard. You know the […]

It looks like the Republican candidates were right all along. During a February debate in New Hampshire, Senator Marco Rubio called out the mainstream media for not asking the Democratic candidates about their positions on abortion. Senator Ted Cruz, too, has consistently talked about Secretary Hillary Clinton’s extreme stances on the issue. Two months later, […]

The New York Times is teaming up with Cosmopolitan Magazine and other pro-abortion media to propagate lies about the Texas case currently before the Supreme Court. Their lie? That the regulation and closing of abortion clinics is leading women to search Google for alternative methods of abortion including home abortions and coat-hanger abortions. If this […]

Today the Supreme Court takes up the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which is about the right of states to impose reasonable health and safety regulations on abortion clinics. The case is rooted in a Texas law that was passed in 2013 that put common sense regulations in place for abortion facilities in the state. […]