Perry’s Campaign Running on Empty

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign team in South Carolina is no longer being paid by his presidential campaign, according to a recent report by National Journal. Perry, whose performance in this past week’s “happy hour” debate failed to excite prospective voters,

Rubio Talks Immigration, But Not Marriage or FADA, in Iowa

This past Saturday, Senator Marco Rubio spoke at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, where he began by explaining how he believes the United States should be handling the issue of immigration. With regards to border security, E-Verify, and those who overstay their work

Cruz: Defends Life, Fails to Defend FADA

This past Saturday, at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, Texas Senator Ted Cruz firmly spoke out against Planned Parenthood, over recent allegations that the organization profits from the sale of tissue taken from aborted fetuses: The video that surfaced in the

Santorum Needs a New Immigration Plan

Byron York, in an interview with Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum at this past weekend’s Western Conservative Summit, asked, “In your view, should immigration be kept at its present level, increased, or decreased?” Santorum, citing an immigration rate of “1,050,000” per year,