Day 142: Biden’s Lagging, Lackadaisical G7 Look.

Candid clips from the G7 summit show the U.S. president looking bumbling and bewildered on the world stage. Elbows-First Diplomacy. The G7 leaders were seen on Friday greeting each other according to peculiar post-pandemic protocol: mask-free, but substituting awkward elbow taps for

Day 141: From America With “LOVE”.

On Day 141, the Bidens brought “love from America”—and Joe blew past Boris in a beeline for his blonde better half. President Joe Biden kicked off his first meeting with a foreign leader abroad by dodging a handshake with Prime Minister Boris

Day 138: ‘Root Causes’ Goes On Tour.

A trip to Guatemala and Mexico didn’t rescue Kamala Harris from questions about why she refuses to visit the U.S.-Mexico border—and she still hasn’t thought of an answer. We’re Going To The Border! We’ve Been To The Border! Harris continued her “root

Day 137 Was The 77th D-Day Anniversary. Biden Ignored It.

Biden seizes every opportunity to memorialize America at its worst. He couldn’t be bothered to honor America at its greatest. Biden Ignores D-Day Anniversary. The 77th anniversary of D-Day (June 6, 1944) came and went without acknowledgement from either President Joe Biden

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