Day 123: Notre Dame Holds Commencement Sans “Devout Catholic” President.

Biden’s notable absence from the University of Notre Dame commencement underscored the divide between the “devout Catholic” president and many devout Catholics. Pro-Abortion President Skips Notre Dame Commencement. A “scheduling conflict” prevented President Joe Biden from attending the University of Notre Dame’s Sunday,

Day 122: Biden Halts Haitian Deportations.

Biden is extending protections for Haitian nationals to live and work in the U.S. for 18 months, overturning another Trump immigration initiative.  Another Weekend in Wilmington. The People’s House just isn’t home for this president: On Saturday, May 22, President Joe Biden

On Day 121, Biden Backed Beijing’s Olympics.

The White House has had no change of heart on the 2022 Beijing Olympics—while even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urges a diplomatic boycott. Biden Hosts President Moon of Korea. On Friday, May 21, President Joe Biden hosted President Moon Jae-In of Korea

On Day 119, Biden Channelled Jeb!… “Please Clap.”

On day 119, Biden talked tough with Netanyahu while suffering not one—not two—but THREE “please clap” moments at the Coast Guard Academy. Biden Pushes Netanyahu For “Significant De-Escalation”. President Joe Biden scaled up the pressure on Israel in another discussion with Israeli

Day 116: If A President Hits A Golf Ball And No One Hears It…

When President Joe Biden can’t take the full weekend, he adds a little extra. Extra Overnight On Wilmington Weekend. Instead of returning from his weekend in Wilmington, Delaware, as planned last Sunday evening, President Joe Biden’s weekend itinerary lasted into Monday morning,

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