Illegal Immigrants Released as Open Borders Lawyers Ramp Up Efforts

The lockdown may be preventing the British public from enjoying it’s wonderful coastline, but it hasn’t stopped a wave of illegals from washing up on it. Nor has it stopped the work of all the lawyers who are working through the crisis to get illegal immigrants released. Since the start of the lockdown, more than 550 illegal immigrants have made the trip across the English Channel. Their hope is that the journey is very short, because their goal is to be caught by UK Border Force and safely ferried across.  It’s the same ploy traffickers have used so successfully off

BBC Uses Coronavirus to Stop Viewers Cancelling Their ‘Licence Fee’ Payment

As a result of the coronavirus lockdown, the publicly-funded British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has closed down the part of its website that allows members of the publicto opt out. At a time when trust in Britain’s effective state broadcaster is at an all-time low, and people are trying to cut unnecessary spending from their household budgets, the ‘Beeb’ is refusing to allow cancellations of Britain’s much-derided “television licence”. Although it is now impossible to cancel a TV licence on the BBC’s website., it is not impossible to buy a new one. The coronavirus doesn’t appear to have affected that function.