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73% of Biden’s ‘Townhall’ Questions Were From Democrats… Only 20% of Trump’s Were From Republicans


Analysis from last night’s town halls featuring presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden shows a stark disparity between the frequency of moderators interrupting the participants along with the number of confrontational questions asked by voters.

According to media watchdog Newsbusters, while President Trump was on stage for an hour and Biden was on stage for an additional 30 minutes, President Trump was asked considerably more left-wing questions, and dealt with more questions per minutes on stage.

President Trump received nine audience questions over one hour, three of which came from the left, five were identified as neutral, and two were from the right. In contrast, of Joe Biden’s 11 questions over 90 minutes, eight were from the left, one was neutral, and two were from the right.

In other words, 33 percent of President Trump’s questions were hostile – nearly twice the amount of tough questions that Biden received.

Nearly a quarter of Biden’s questioning came from avowed Democrats.

And while President Trump spoke less than Biden, he was interrupted nearly twice as many times as the former veep.

Savannah Guthrie, the moderator for President Trump’s town hall, had 34 comments, exchanges, or follow-ups throughout the night. Her interjections were nearly 75 percent left-leaning and excluded right-wing comments entirely.

Stephanopoulos was considerably more pro-Biden: five of his remarks were identified as left-wing, ten were neutral, and four were right-leaning.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is an Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and contributor to The National Pulse podcast.