UK Govt’s ‘Maximum’ Lockdown Advocate Is Longtime Communist Party Member.


Professor Susan Michie – one of the British government’s top COVID-19 policy advisors championing “maximum” lockdown policies – is a longtime member of the Communist Party.

Michie, a Communist for over 40 years, is a senior member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, belongs to two other groups guiding Ministers, and appears on the BBC and ITV to share her ideas. She is also behind the country’s intense lockdown rollouts, arguing in favor of “global maximum lockdown” and offering praise for the Chinese Communist Party on Twitter.

“China has a socialist, collective system (whatever criticisms people may have) not an individualistic, consumer-oriented, profit-driven society badly damaged by 20 years of failed neoliberal economic policies. #LearntLessons,” she wrote.

The Daily Mail also notes Michie’s “militant” communism, recounting how fellow Marxists searched her baby’s stroller for “subversive” literature:

The super-rich Communist Susan Michie is so militant that her fellow Marxists once searched her baby’s pram for subversive literature. 

They lifted the tiny infant out of the way, to check that the future Professor of Psychology was not smuggling ultra-hardline propaganda into a crucial conference.

No wonder that fellow students at Oxford a few years before had called her ‘Stalin’s nanny’.

“She is the blue-blooded descendant of an earl who, along with her brother, sold a family heirloom – a Picasso painting called L’Enfant Au Pigeon – to Qatari royals for £50 million in 2013. This didn’t stop her once urging fellow Communists to support Jeremy Corbyn at a presentation with the words: ‘We, the working class…,” the outlet adds.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is an Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and contributor to The National Pulse podcast.