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‘Metal Shavings & Raw Beef’: Whistleblower Reveals National Guard Troops Sent To Hospital From Meals


National Guard troops surrounding the U.S. Capitol have received meals that have been undercooked and contained metal shavings, sending over a dozen people to the hospital.

A whistleblower – a Staff Sergeant with Michigan National Guard – spoke with ABC7 meals he and his team have been receiving.

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them. Just yesterday, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food,” he outlines.

The quality of the meals has sent more than a dozen soldiers to sick call or the hospital according to the Staff Sergeant, who insists the severity of the problem caused it to go up the chain of command:

“They said alright we’re going to make sure we spot check them, and we’re also going to start having them add temperatures to it. At 140, you cook that chicken, undercook it to 140 and now you’re telling, you’re telling us that it’s… 30-minute drive. But these meals are, and this is what they say on the little placard that’s (inaudible) good for four hours. No it’s not. It wasn’t good from the start and now it’s had hours to become even more dangerous.”

But the quantity of meals is a problem, too.

“You were getting maybe a danish and some sort of juice and then we had certain days where it was clearly a dinner roll and Sunny D,” the whistleblower reveals.


Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is an Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and contributor to The National Pulse podcast.