DePaul University President Calls Pro-Life Message “Bigotry”

At DePaul University in Chicago, it is now impossible to be both pro-life and pro-black lives — at least according the university’s president. Last week, Fr. Dennis Holtschneider silenced the DePaul College Republicans, halting use of their proposed “Unborn Lives Matter” campaign

New Report Exposes Flimsy Scientific Basis for Transgender Agenda

A report published by The New Atlantis yesterday casts significant doubt on the prevailing “gender identity” narrative sweeping the nation and raises serious questions about exposing children to a harmful and scientifically suspect gender ideology. The report, authored by Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry

Sorry, Trevor Noah, Killing Babies Doesn’t Cure Zika

If you waste your time watching The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, you may have heard this “brilliant” analogy from him last night during a tirade over the fight to combat the Zika virus: “I don’t understand how any man thinks that he

The Secret Communion of the Man in the Moon

I vividly remember watching the awesome drama of the first moonwalk on July 20, 1969. I was in a National Science Foundation summer archaeology project. The most modern and the most ancient thus commingled in front of the black and white TV

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