Bill Gates Thinks Twitter Destroyed Common Core

Apparently, Bill Gates thinks that the pro-Common Core movement was derailed by online comments consisting of 140 characters or less — what most people know as tweets.

This, presumably, is why his foundation paid for this recent study (on top of the $2.3 billion he has already invested into Common Core) analyzing the amount of artificial activity on Twitter opposing Common Core. The study claims the activity managed to “skew” the debate.

Tweets destroying Common Core has to be the most creative excuse that I’ve heard regarding the workforce development model’s failure — at least more creative than the original argument of “poor implementation” of Common Core (i.e. the teachers just aren’t smart enough to implement it).

Yes, tweets — tweets! — are what brought down Common Core. $2.3 billion down the drain because of 140 characters. Damn you, Twitter!

The failure of Common Core had nothing to do with concerned parents.

It had nothing to do with standards that flat out didn’t make the grade.

It had nothing to do with the false PR campaign that outright misled (read: lied) about Common Core’s attributes.

It had nothing to do with cutting parents out of the process or the continued centralization of education control.

Nope. It was definitely tweets on Twitter, where parents and teachers go to get their news. Insert one hundred million eyeroll emojis.


Photo credit: Red Maxwell via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

Terry Schilling is executive director of the American Principles Project.


  1. MasterTK

    Nope. Common Core destroyed itself because it’s intent was to the detriment of children.
    Although, the argument that it is indeed not dead but just renamed could be made.

  2. Ellen

    It’s a tax write-off of $2.3 billion for Gates, anyway.

    He’s so wealthy he doesn’t have anything else to do but dabble in school social engineering and toy with innocent parents’ children.

    Gates reminds me of the old tycoons who toyed with Dan Akron’s and Eddie Murphy in Trading Places. This scene is ALWAYS good to watch again:

  3. Warrior Mom

    Not a BOTH here. Proud warrior Mom who fights side by side on Twitter and in real life (gasp), alongside some of the bravest and strongest Mom’s and Dads I know. Oh and for the record, we are from all walks of life! #StopCommonCore #WarriorParentsAreNotBots

    • Warrior Mom

      Correction:should say BOT not Both. That’s what I get for using Microsoft. 😉

  4. Ruth Rodriguez

    Bill Gates, the world most infamous mad scientist, always using other people’s children to experiment in his profit making scheme!

  5. Kevin Kelly

    I am not a bot!!
    The fact that we make better use of our limited resources says a lot about our intelligence. We don’t have millions of dollars to use in our fight. We have determination and the knowledge that we are right. Most important, these are our kids we fight for. Give up now Mr. Bill, the only way we lose is if we give up. Not happening.

  6. Lynne Taylor

    First off, I am honored to be among those tweeting away with the truth. However, the truth is #CommonCore is NOT dead, it lives on in #ESSA, #WIOA and #HEA. It thrives in #CTE (Career Tech Ed) and #STEM. It also goes by #CCR (College/Career Readiness)
    Second, I could care less that Gates is peeved about what the Anti Common Core Warriors does.
    Third, If ever we needed proof data mining and tracking works in our favor, we can ironically give a nod to Gates.
    Lastly, #CCSS is the egregious with all its #educationreformlies

  7. Teri Tweetsville

    Hey give credit where credit is due! We’re tweeting our fingers off here! And we are NOT bots.

  8. Bruce M Pierce

    The Common Core was just another propaganda and brainwashing tool to subvert American Education. Whereelse could you read about the 3rd world getting revenge on this country and 3rd rate historians were filling the kids with a bunch of Islamic Communist concepts of American History, Constitutional and the US Government as it related to the Obama Islamic Communist themes. CommonCore made no sense in its math and caused the students confusion and chaos. It is not a wonder that the Country’s Geography, Science and math skills are in the toilet.

  9. Denis Ian

    He’s baaaaaack …

    And the blame game is in full swing. Step right up and get your extra-long foam finger … and let the pointing begin!

    The reform fanatics are on their heels.

    Anti-Common Core sites have become magnets for outraged parents and real-deal educators. The anti-forces are more muscled than ever.

    And the patriarch of Common Core … Mister Bill … is in a deep funk.

    Bill Gates blames “grassroots campaigns” against Common Core … “ … many of which have led to absolute reversals in state policies.” And the sheer volume of Twitter activity that has “managed to ‘skew’ the debate.”

    Oh, the whiney irony. Whacked by technology. There is a God.

    Gates is a pathological denier.

    Let’s see … the roll-out was blamed for the dismal jump-start.

    Then it was those prickly, white suburban moms.

    Then those wishy-washy state governments.

    Followed by teacher treachery.

    And now … Twitter.

    I cannot stop laughing.

    Yeah! That’s why Common Core is such a super-fiasco. Too much Twitter.

    Is there anyone left who really, really wants to defend this mess?

    Common Core has become a 21st century disease. A plague that’s over-empowered the federal government, polluted state legislatures, emboldened the educrat class, destroyed school cultures, distressed faculties, and fouled the profession as never before. And it has cost us billions of dollars.

    It is … by any measure … an impressive disaster.

    National teacher unions that supported it are dying. Politicians who backed it have vanished. And past supporters have become hermits. Gates seems like the last man in the station.

    In an accidental moment of lucidity, he acknowledged that he might have invested millions in a “black hole”. But his remorse is always short-llived … because there are sabotaging third graders yet to be blamed.

    What happens when Gates runs out of folks to blame? Will he cover every mirror in America?

    Common Core defections are underway. The backlash has begun.

    We are now in a position of advantage.

    One last request. Please blame us for saving our schools.

    Be right … just once.

    Denis Ian

    • Veronica Angelo-Heizman

      Bill Gates should stick to business. Face it Bill-your stupid experiment failed-move on. You’ve infuriated a nation of informed, intelligent parents. Our children are not your pawns. And FYI-Facebook probably killed Common Core. We could rant in excess of 140 characters!!!!

    • Stacey Maines

      Haha YES that is exactly what I was about to say about Facebook! I know I’ve typed more then 140 characters alone!! Lmao! This HAS got to be the stupidest, most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard….twitter HA!

    • Veronica Angelo-Heizman

      Spot on as always Denis!

    • Maria Rose

      Well said !!!

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