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The Disturbing Reality Behind “Comprehensive Sexuality Education”

Politicizing and propagandizing in U.S. public schools is at an all-time high. Not only has the far left agenda sucked education into a black hole of safe spaces, hurt feelings, and post-truth America-bashing, but now the progressive elites want to teach kids everything there is to know about sex. Not just the-birds-and-the-bees sex. The kind of sex and sex acts and sexual proclivities that should be causing heads to turn nationwide.

More and more school districts are adopting curriculum based on Comprehensive Sexuality Education — heavy on sexuality, taking the sex talk to all new extremes.

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), was created by Planned Parenthood and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SEICUS). SEICUS was founded in 1964 by a former Planned Parenthood medical director and a devout follower of the extremely controversial Alfred Kinsey, so it was a natural fit for the two agencies to develop a program for school children from kindergarten through high school that is rife with controversial sexual philosophies. For example:

  • Sexual pleasure is a right.
  • Sexual rights are human rights.
  • Sexual pleasure should be enjoyed by people of all ages, regardless of age.
  • Limiting access to sexual information or sexual services violates a child’s sexual and human rights.
  • Children should be able to exercise their sexual rights without interference from parents, guardians, or other adult caregivers.

A variety of curricula has been created to carry those same philosophies into the classroom, turning schools into veritable erogenous zones. Most, if not all, place heavy emphasis on sexual pleasure and how to get there — either with a partner, partners, or alone — painting a road map often paved with hand-drawn, graphic imagery of characters experiencing sexual pleasure (“It’s Perfectly Normal“). A graphic for a 9th and 11th grade curriculum instructs students on what to do if they don’t have the time or money to purchase sex toys, referring them to a variety of fruits and vegetables to use in a pinch. 

Students as young as four or five are taught that parts of their bodies feel good when touched, that touching their bodies to make themselves feel good is called masturbation, and that they should always masturbate in private (“Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, 3rd Edition,” SEICUS). By second grade, they learn that the same act can be performed with a partner.

Student activities often include scenarios which seem to promote the idea that being sexually active (even with multiple sex partners) can make a student feel attractive and important (“It’s All One,” UNFPA and UNESCO).

The same curriculum references abortion more than 140 times and adoption not at all, all while informing students that sex is fun and feels good, which is not exactly a dissuasive position. Abstinence is glossed over in all curricula, and parental authority, or even instructing on the importance of parental guidance, is consistently undermined.

Predictably, the developers of CSE consider it to be a vehicle for “social change” — in other words, a vehicle for reproductive justice, LGBTQ equality, gender equity, and dismantling white supremacy. That’s not exactly what comes to mind when parents think about sex ed, but at the rate the use of CSE-based curricula is expanding across the country, it’s steadily becoming the new normal. It’s not sex, it’s sexuality, which is an entirely different animal altogether.

While kids as young as kindergarten are learning how to experience sexual pleasure, what they’re not taught is equally important. The adults teaching CSE-based courses are derelict in their duties to protect students by failing to discuss the downside of early sexual debut.

The Effect of Early Sexual Activity on Mental Health” (2018), reviewed 28 studies from 1966 to the present in peer-reviewed medical literature that evaluated mental health effects of adolescent heterosexual sexual relationships. The results should not be surprising. The medical literature review found that early sexual debut increased levels of depression, suicidal ideation, aggressive behavior, psychological distress, anxiety, stress, loneliness, poor well-being, regret and guilt. It also increased negative social behavior such as substance abuse and risky sexual behavior.

The research also confirmed that waiting to initiate sex until there was at least some element of commitment, or until marriage, was associated with better communication and relationship satisfaction as well as relationship stability, higher sexual satisfaction and a more positive view of sexuality.

But Planned Parenthood and SEICUS aren’t in the business of encouraging kids to wait for sex or delay sexual initiation. Based on review of multiple CSE curricula, Planned Parenthood is more interested in grooming kids as future clientele.

That needs to stop. And parents need to stop passing off the responsibility of educating their kids about sex to organizations like Planned Parenthood, SEICUS, and Advocates for Youth. This very problematic program is being approved by school districts across the country. If your child is in a public school, get involved, demand to see curriculum materials, and then draw a red line in the sand as to where third-party peddlers of sexual, and often pornographic, content shall not cross.

Lisa Hudson

Lisa Hudson is a founding member of Arizonans Against Common Core and an advocate of classical Christian education and the protection of student privacy. She graduated from Michigan State University School of Law in 1996 and is an active member of the State Bar of Michigan.

  • And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;
    2 Peter 2:6 KJV
    The fire and brimstone judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah was a warning for us.

    The story of Sodom and Gomorrha portray vividly that the spirit behind gayism is very stubborn, wicked and defiant. The Sodomites wanted to rape angels!!!
    That’s LGBTQI for you! The guy says Christians against LGBTQ are depraved and need prayers.

    No that’s the way that spirit operates. It operates in open defiance and rebellion of God’s Order.
    The obelisk…. Washington momument is an architectural design of gayism and symbolizes the male organ pointing heavenward in open defiance of God’s authority.

    God has not changed. He did not accept Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot and HE WILL NOT ACCEPT THE LGBTQ TODAY.







    • kwame Ol Chap, it is interesting that you mention the Sodom story. It is quite illuminating.

      So Lot offers up his daughters up for rape to the mob scene at his door. Quite the father, our Lot! Then when your alleged god destroys the city for the sin of inhospitality, the only one to survive is fellow Lot, the father who offered up his daughters to be raped.

      I will take a homosexual any day over the the immoral father who treats daughters this way.

      Kwame, Old Chap, you hate God’s children. I may love you, because that is the Christian thing to do. However, I hate your sin of bigotry.

      I pray for your deformed soul.

    • Wow Kwame is losing his head over the Washington monument! I am not sure where the Bible says this monument is immoral.

      I did mention the Bible in a previous post and Kwame conveniently dodged my question. Does Kwame sanction slavery, which is clearly sanctioned in the Bible? Does Kwame support killing disobedient children, also demanded of us in the Bible? Why can’t he answer my question? Probably because he butchers the Bible, toss aside slavery, use perceived anti LGBTQ bits as a weapon to harm people he hates.

      Instead Kwame prints an ode to Sodom, where Lot gets rewarded for offering his daughters up for rape. That is not very savory!

      Kwame, try reading a Jesus. He demands you love us all. And Kwame, repent your bigoted sins. As a Christian, I strongly suggest you embrace a God of love.

  • I am sorry you don’g think hatred and/or bigotry is a sin. I do.

    I do notice that homosexuality is not specifically mentioned in that list that you say Jesus made clear were things that he considered sin. Thanks for clarifying the fact that Jesus never said homosexuality is a sin.

  • Hmmmm,no wonder,the world is indeed a learning stage where all manner of things are currently happening within a twinkle of time. Kindly bear it in mind always that; rights in itself is not an end in itself. You and l were created in the impress image of God and we must act as such for the betterment of well being society. Kindly do the needful wai. Am out…

    • Yes I agree. We are all created in the image of God and thus should act for the betterment and well being of society. Therefore, we should treat the people God created LGBTQ as full and equal members of society. You make a good point.

  • Sex in itself is not bad. God did create it to be enjoyed by two growned adult who are in a marriage relationship. Male and female, or between man and his wife (woman) Any other teachings is from the devil. God has given us the freedom of choice . But He admonishes we make right choices that conform with the scripture. The end is near . Matthew charpter 24.

    • Mary Old Girl, I have made the right choice, which is to marry my same-sex spouse. I am worried for your soul. You made the evil choice, which is to judge and diminish gay people. That is contrary to what Jesus commands of us. I pray for you!

    • Nowhere did Jesus condone sexual
      immorality . In fact he had strong words against it .

      He also said , for this reason a man will leave his father and mother , and be united to his wife , and the two shall be one flesh Matt 19:5 This was His definition of marriage

    • Yup, Jesus didn’t say a word about homosexuality, about it being moral or immoral–and your quote proves it. But he did condemn immoral bigotry against God’s children. That would include the children He created gay.

      Thanks for proving my point.

    • Nowhere did he say it is “only” between a man and a woman. Nowhere does he condemn same-sex marriage. God blessed my same-sex marriage. Your quote proves it!


  • To me sex education is good but they have to do the teaching in Biblical way.
    Bible State that train a child in a Godly manner so that he or she will never depart from it.

    • To me sex education is good but I am not sure if the Biblical way is necessarily the kind and ethical way. After all, the Bible sanctions slavery and demands we murder disobedient children. I doubt many parents are cool with teachers killing their kids because the broke some rules.

    • When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

      Is that what you mean by Bible teaching? I prefer listening to the Jesus who never mentioned a word about homosexuality–but did command you to treat all God’s children with love and respect.

  • Surprisingly, I rare rabbits, in their right senses, the male father should not mate the son neither should the son mate his director mother. The male does not mate the male. Why should rightful thinking human beings made in the image of God rather do this.
    Thinking about yiur right should also tell you that someone’s right is just on you left.
    Think about where your right ends and know where someone’s also begins.

    • And not surprising, you dodged my question in favor of sharing your fascination with the mating habits of rabbits.

      I repeat. Tell us all about the day you decided to become a heterosexual. Why didn’t you tell us? Maybe you can’t.

  • Wow, I get amazed when God is dragged into the discussion of perversed sexuality wrongly.
    God has said, homosexuality is an abomination; beastiality is confusion. This same God can’t contradict himself by creating a gay. So also God didn’t create drug addicts. They could also argue that its their life and their right to spend their life any how they want it.

    As Christians we are taught to love everyone but to condemn sin and sinful ways.
    Children are innocent. Everything around us affect them equally including national governance but they are not allowed to vote until 18. There’s a reason. Some things are for adults only.

    Let’s not take this human right over board but rather teach our children the right to be humans – to share, to help and not kill, to love and not hate, to serve one another and not to bully.
    God bless us all

    • It is funny how people drag their gods into bigotry. God made me gay. It was no choice. You defame the Christian God whose son Jesus never ever condemned homosexuality. He did condemn bigots. I pray for your deformed soul.

    • A sure sign of ‘deformity” is the hatred that so many gays have for people who disagree with them . The intolerance . When you disagree with someone
      that does not mean you don’t love them .

    • Yes, racists disagree with blacks. Anti-semites disagree with Jews. Shelia disagrees with gays. What I “disagree” with is your definition of “disagree.” Minorities who are harmed by your “disagreement” call it bigotry.

  • Jk105, why are you trying to attack everyone here and why do you call us bigots? It’s not our own opinions we are sharing here; it’s Gods. And who told you God made you a gay? Where did you learn that from? Look at animals and find out if you see a male animal getting sexually attracted to another male animal. We are not hating and discriminating you…we are simply telling you the mind of God concerning his creation.

    • I am telling you the mind of God, who commands you to love His children. That includes the ones He created gay. And yes, homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom. Your ignorance is blinding!

  • Jk105, why are you trying to attack everyone here and why do you call us bigots? It’s not our own opinions we are sharing here; it’s Gods. And who told you God made you a gay? Where did you learn that from? Look at animals and find out if you see a male animal getting sexually attracted to another male animal. We are not hating and discriminating you…we are simply telling you the mind of God concerning his creation.

    • I pray for your hateful deformed soul. God did not create bigotry. I imagine He loves you just like He loves drug addicts and murderers. But you are sad

  • Who said God made some people to be gays? Would he have killed some people for the same acts. To be a gay is a human choice, not God’s creation, please. God gave man his right and yet advises humanity to make the right choice following His rules. His rules does not include been a gay.
    If people hide behind the right to propagate these, don’t you think that others also have the right to speak against it?
    Why then is it that, children are not given the right to vote in all elections?

    • So sexual orientation is a choice? I made no such decision. God made me this way. So tell me all about the day you made the choice to be heterosexual. Give details. Otherwise your nose is growing. God does not like a liar. I pray for your deformed soul.

  • God have mercy.
    The fact that God loves all doesn’t mean God loves their sinful act as well.
    God loves them because He want them to repent.

    • God made me gay. I don’t need to repent for that.
      God didn’t make you a bigot. So yes, God loves you, but He hates your sin of bigotry. Repent.

  • It’s interesting that whenever someone mentions Biblical Truth, that person is labeled a homophobe who hates all gays and thinks they’re all going to hell. The truth is that the radical LGBT movement is attempting to indoctrinate our children with ideas that they can be any sex they want to be and parents have no right to interfere. Notice that I said “radical”. Not all homosexuals go along with this, I’m sure. What a person does in privacy is his/her own business. The Biblical truths are not my words; they’re God’s words. “Do not deceive yourselves; no one makes a fool of God.”

    • As a Christian I am morally repelled by the way you twist my words. I challenge homophobia. Don’t blame God for bigotry. Biblical truth means following Jesus’s commandment to love all God’s children, which would include the ones God made gay. Yes do not fool God.

      The Bible also sanctions slavery. Is that your belief too? Or do you pick and choose the bits of the Bible you believe in.

  • Parents need to get involved in their children school.
    What about the teachers? I am positive there’s teachers who do not want to teach five year olds about sex. If a teacher hugs a crying child could be fired, but it’s okay to teach them about anal sex. What about teachers who are perverts are they going to enjoy teaching about sex? Are they going to be reprimand when they act out their urges.

    • Many parents want responsible sex education in the schools. This writer cherrypicks abuses and neglects the fact that students are not taught sodomy at age five. That is a figment of your imagination. She also neglects to report that young people continue to have sex even when forced to endure abstinence education. She neglects to add that comprehensive sex education does not prevent parents from discussing So-called Christian sexuality. Please do. And although this writer lost her head over the possibility that sex education might lead to accepting and respecting LGBTQ people, many of us Christians think that is a moral good.

    • “What about teachers who are perverts are they going to enjoy teaching about sex? Are they going to be reprimand when they act out their urges.”

      Priests have been doing that for centuries without needing to use “teach” sex education as an excuse.

  • We are becoming no more than animals….when the urge comes, fill it right now! The nation has long ago turned its back on God and Truth depends upon whatever feels good. Our children are becoming the scapegoats of an immoral society. God save us!

    • Yes Sally Old Gal, immoral homophobic bigots have long ago turned their backs on God and Truth because it feels good to hate and discriminate against the children He made gay. True words! Our children are becoming scapegoats of their mistreatment. God save us!

    • Sin is not the same thing as hatred and/or bigotry . Jesus made clear the things
      he considered sin : Sexual immorality, adultery , fornication, idolatry , and lust .
      None of these sins involves love , and that is the key element here .