A Complete List of Facts Proving Trump Colluded with Russia

March 21, 2017

by Jon Schweppe

Yesterday, FBI Director James Comey testified to Congress that the FBI had launched an investigation into President Donald Trump and his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Democrats and political journalists are in an absolute Russia frenzy right now, believing that this announcement — that there’s an investigation after months of hysterical partisan shrieking — is the smoking gun they’ve been waiting for.

Below, I’ve compiled a complete list of verifiable facts, as of Tuesday, March 21, 2017, that prove Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election results:

Wait, this can’t be right…

Hold on a second…


That’s right — nothing! There’s literally nothing there! No verifiable facts! No evidence! Nada!

#RussiaGate is #FakeNews.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Jon Schweppe is the Communications Director for American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @JonSchweppe

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169 comments on “A Complete List of Facts Proving Trump Colluded with Russia”

  • William Witzsche says:

    I started out a Democrat. My family votes that way still today. Ever since I became oldenough to vote I voted Republican started in the first Bush in office.

  • Joe Marshall says:

    My Dad was a (D) from Woodrow Wilson thru JFK (50 Yrs). When LBJ got elected and got the “War on Poverty” going, Dad reviewed it and said it would degrade the Blacks and keep them on the “Democrat Plantation”. He became a Republican for the remain 29 years of his 100 year life. (I thank God that he was in good shape all the way thru until he “Passed With His Boots On.”. Looking back over the past 52 years I can say that his prediction sadly came true. The Democrats have turned more Communistic and they have keep their Black supporters degraded and on their “Plantation”.

  • Ed of CT says:

    Assange repeatedly stated he received info on podesta Clinton e mails from Obama clinton insider confidante.Not the Russians. That source fellow later shot in the head and killed. Gee just like Vince Foster and dozens of others associated with Hillary Clinton. Conspiracy hmm. ………… Or Clinton foundation getting 125 million gift from Putin and Russians. That followed by SEC . Of state Clinton selling
    To Putin and Russian gov one Fifth of USA weapon grade uranium afterward. Conspiracy or what. Comey by the way would have been fired the first wk of a Clinton presidency .
    Speaking of what does Trump’s taxes have any to do with any of this period . Grow up Dem liberals snowflake.

    • Racsven says:

      This is the reason that the DMV didn’t want the FBI to investigate it. They didn’t let the FBI to go in to the computers and preferred to keep the Russian story.

  • Philip Isbell says:

    I was a die hard Democrat for many years until the liberals took the party from me. This is nothing more than a deflection of peoples attention from the fact they lost and cant take the blame for it. They have to convince their sheep it was the Russians who caused the loss not the fact that they ran the worst candidate in history and took people for granted and even rigged their own primaries. They are collapsing from within. People are catching on to the fact the Democrats are now the party of communism and socialism.

    • Bob says:

      I, too, was a Dem since JFK (does that age me?), and I also lost faith. When they started pushing gay privileges, “transsexual” rights (whatever THAT is), open borders, bathroom laws,et al., I moved away.

      • CLARA says:

        I turned 21 in Texas and I registered democrat. and I stayed there till I realized the dems had turned communist under oboma…….I switched to rep.. I will never ever vote for any democrat again…

  • Suzanne Smith says:

    To any and all of you snowflakes: Wake Up! I have been a registered Democrat for 40 years. I have always voted straight down party lines. In the 2008 primaries, I voted for HRC. In the general election, I voted for Obama. By 2010, I realized that the Democratic party no longer represented the people who elected them. Their only concern is getting reelected. Think about it for a minute.
    Hmm, what do the Dems support?
    1) Illegal immigration… at the cost of the American citizens who elected them. The Dems and “Fake News” want us to believe that illegal immigrants pay taxes. They do, sales tax. (That is, if they aren’t receiving food stamps). However, little, if any, income tax is deducted from their paychecks. Most of them are not here to help America, they are here to make as much money as they can to be saved for their return to Mexico. This enables them to live very well in Mexico, at the expense of the American people whose jobs they took. And the LIE that illegals are doing jobs that American citizens won’t do, sorry. I work in the furniture industry, and many “illegals” are working in it. However, many of them are upholsterers, which is the highest paying job in the industry.
    2) Dems also support the influx of Muslim refugees, who may or may not have been infiltrated by radical Islamic terrorists, who want nothing more than to eliminate anyone that they consider “infidels”. For anyone who doesn’t understand what is meant by ” infidel”, I will try to explain in terms that you can understand. To radical Islam, “infidels” are Anyone and Everyone who doesn’t believe in Sharia law. In other words, if you are Christian, Jewish, or any religion other than Muslim, you don’t deserve to live. Is this what we, as Americans, believe? No. We want everyone to be able to worship as they wish. But not the Dems.
    3)The Dems also support the idea that it’s better to take from the lower and middle class to give to people who are to lazy to work. Stop giving to people who refuse to help themselves. How about helping those of us who work every day but still struggle just to exist and support our families?

    I could go on and on but this is already much longer than I intended. Please, think about what is truly best for America. Stop all this resistance. Let’s work together to make America great again. We need a strong President to once again become a strong and respected nation. President Trump could be the best thing to happen to this country if he could just get a little help instead of the constant resistance from the Democratic party in Congress. If his policies are wrong and do not benefit America, he won’t be reelected. Period. But the Dems refuse to cooperate in any way. I truly believe that this resistance will end up hurting the Democratic party, not help them.
    Work together to improve the lives of those of us who elected you. We deserve to be represented by both political parties. It’s called compromise. Stop the fighting and start running our country, in the best interest of its citizens. Not illegals, not refugees. American Citizens. Stop wasting our tax dollars on investigations that are hurting not helping our great nation. Put our money to good use, helping America and Americans.

    • Keith Momper says:

      President Trump is only being hated for his popularity. If he was unknown he wouldnt be dealing with half of of this rhetoric.All the while inocent obummer let’s in islam to spread the measles.

      • Susan Cusack says:

        “Spread the measles”???
        Measles don’t leave your head lying on the ground next to your body!

      • zoe honea says:

        He is doing what helps Americans and not what makes the Democrats more money like selling uranium to Russia and they hate him for it. I love him and his family because they have true values.

    • Donna Jean says:

      Amen. Now quit taking vacations and start working. In the south there is always something to do. Need to bake these cakes and finish dishes.

    • Billie McClune says:

      Suzanne Smith you are so right on with your Comment. It is refreshing to see those who have not been blinded by the fake Media .

    • Walton Bell says:

      Amen Suzanne Smith! You are spot on!

    • Adalgisa Henning says:

      Very well said! Were you reading my mind? This is exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you for writing this awesome comment! God Bless America, land that we love! ✌️❤️

    • chiclettesucep says:

      I am a Canadian and I can see the exact same thing as you, Suzanne Smith. Well said. Our “charming” Justin T. is walking in obummers footsteps. Actually, JT, is running full speed ahead….poor Canada!

    • T. Long says:

      Talking taxes how is it that some companies get more refunds than they paid in GE is a prime example. How is it the Mexicans fault when trumps companies manufacture in China and India but not in USA. How is it when 15,000 Americans were given jobs in agriculture in NC and before the harvest season is up only 41 was left working? How is it we are now having crops unharvested because we have sent the pickers home? Is it the answer that Mexicans will work at jobs our Americans won’t do?
      What we need is a system of immigration that works for the poor not just the wealthy that can buy their way in.

      • Janeen says:

        For decades America has issued green cards for the migrate workers. But before, when the picking season was over, the migrants returned to their home countries. Now they just want to stay. Drop a couple of anchor babies and stay indefinitely. Not how the system is supposed to be.

    • Kathy Wallace says:

      I love, and agree with your comment. Wish more had your mentality.

    • Mel Slabaugh says:

      Also Suzanne, Trump is cutting $400 plus million of our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood. Now they want to allow all kinds of immigrants into this county to replace the aborted millions that are needed as laborers.

  • Erik Latranyi says:

    To the supporters of the hate-group, known as the Democratic Party:

    Did you hear CNN reported that Trump takes 2 scoops of ice cream while his staff is only allowed 1 scoop.

    You better draw up those articles of impeachment quickly! This is out of control!!


  • ¢ommon$en$e says:

    Yep… no proof..

    But that won’t stop the dims…

    Ask Maxine Waters – she changes her position more than her underwear.

    • Claudia Basola says:

      Very good! Love it! Wish I could post it on fb, but my family is from California! I did sent it privately to all my like minded friends! I know I should stand up more! But my family barely talks to me! It hurts! These people are dangerous! Great story! Can’t The 5 show it?

      • Pam says:

        Don’t be shy about Californians. Many deplorable live here and deplore what Moonbeam is doing to this state.

      • T. Long says:

        What is governor moonbeam doing straighting out the mess the Republicans got it to. Giving it surpluses making its schools better and having a lower unemployment, and working on its infrastructure after Arnie left the state broke.

  • Aunt Jane says:

    This is classic spin! Repeat something loudly enough, often enough, with enough conviction and people will believe damn near anything!!! The Democratic game plan from the beginning was to discredit Trump and cripple any reforms or changes he attempts.
    The most popular talking point right now is “Trump fired the FBI director investigation him”. They just made this up!!!
    Trumps crime was that beat Hillary in the election. What the fools don’t understand is that Hillary defeated herself! People started listening to what she actually said, like “take all handguns if I can” or “get rid of all assault weapons” (semi-auto deer rifles) and Supreme Court Judges develop and make the laws.
    And the last comment that I personally think may have brought out enough voters to beat her was about the “basket of deplorables” that are “irremediable”! People were listening!
    The Russians had NOTHING to do with it!

    • Timothy Smith says:

      So True The Basket nailed it for her..She’s a joke thats not funny..OBSTRUCT & RESIST is the democrats plan for our country. Sounds like a winner. Im so tired of all but Fox and a very few others starting there news off with the same old song. Somthing about Russia..They never talk about Obamas team interfering in the ISRAELI elections. Tryed to beat Bengi or Obama interfering in the French elections. .They won that one.Now poor France is got a Obama Jr. They’ll live to regreat that one.I just wish the Democrats would do the job they were elected to do..Make America Great Again !

    • T. Long says:

      How is it that Trump lost the popular vote by 3,000,000.
      How come the conservatives republicans now control the branches of government and everything wrong is the Democrats fault and they are preventing Trump’s agenda. Oh by the way I was republican until saint Ronnie took office and started the tax give away to the wealthy.

    • Bongo says:

      Yup. God forbids Democrats take responsibility for their own actions.

  • tom says:

    What yu say… you want to see all the 1099s that came to trump from russia…. Haha..

  • Frank says:

    Itemized deductions, taxes paid, tax credits received and schedules to tax returns reveal a lot of where income came from, expenditures made, donation made and received and so on and on !!!!

    • David says:

      Did the Tax returns tell you what a TERRIBLE President GW Bush was going to be? Did the Tax returns tell you what a TERRIBLE President Obama was going to be? Did Tax returns tell you what a GOOD president Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton were going to be??

      Drop the tax returns garbage. They don’t mean a thing. If he were doing anything illegal, the IRS would have found it and thrown him in jail.

  • Roy Barnard says:

    What a joke Vivian Copeland says ‘You can’t trust a man who does not show his income tax returns” well Vivian can you trust a man as in our Ex-pres who did not and will not show his school records, college records, travel records, birth records, marriage records, children’s birth records, selective service records, and spent millions to keep them hidden for what reason, never saw your voice before asking these questions.

  • Vivian Copeland says:

    Are you like retarded? I so sure the FBI is going to reveal to YOU what’s going on. LOL. We know tRump is tied to Russia by his own admission. He won’t released his taxes because he’s hiding all kinds of things in there. Innocent men do not hide things. Furthermore, it’s a well accepted fact that Russia hacked our election process and they supported tRump, much to his delight. He even invited them to leak information on Hillary. He is a dirty filthy traitor and he will be impeached. Unpatriotic unAmericans such as yourself who put your own selfish needs above your country disgust me.

    • Todd A says:

      Thats why Obama paid lots of money to hide and seal everyrhing from his past ..

    • Jack Brecht says:

      And what is the specific thing the Russians hacked in the election? Voting booths? Vote counting systems? No one has identified any specifics of how the election per se was hacked. Don’t cite Podesta’s e-mail or the DNC hacking as “evidence”.

      • Roy L. Bryant says:

        Exactly! We know that the Russians could not have engaged in voter fraud. It does not exist! There is no voter fraud! Ask any Democrat! Every time we want to investigate voter fraud, Democrats remind us: THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD!!!

      • june fail says:

        can you think the rest the entire other countinues think of us now???

      • Angie says:

        Your as stupid as this guy that write this propaganda

      • T. Long says:

        Why is it most of the voter fraud cases involves republicans? Why is it the states with the most gerrymandering are republican states?

    • Carol says:

      Are you just plain stupid? Tax returns show no details about WHERE money comes from, just that you received this amount in income, this amount in expenses and owe this much in tax. NO DETAILS WHERE MONEY CAME FEOM OR WENT

    • Sk says:

      Maybe you should show us your tax returns

    • John says:

      Youth had me fooled for a minute.
      O thought you were serious.

    • John says:

      You had me fooled for a minute.
      I thought you were serious.

    • Joe says:

      Get off the dope ya braindead moron… what a buster……lol

    • bernd says:

      Dear Vivian,
      looking at the photo attached to soposedly,you, I wish we could have met under other circumstances.
      I this case I am so sorry to disappointe you, bud I cannot possibly visualize having any sort of possible attachment to a person of your limited mentality. wish you the best

    • Gary Drywall says:


    • Joe Cock says:

      Vivian . . . you are at the top of the list of Who’s Who of American MORON(S).

    • Lisa says:

      The Russians hacked the DNC! Let that sink in. A little common sense goes a long way. Someone has seen Pres Trumps taxes, it’s called the IRS and I guarantee you that if there was anything in there, someone would have seen it by now! Get over it so our country can my forward!

      • Russ says:

        “The Russians hacked the DNC”

        #1, zero proof has been provided on that.
        #2, even if true, so what? are you mad it took another country to show how corrupt the DNC is?

      • Angie says:

        No way Lisa!! Really the more pressing issue is Trump is an Russian agent and he docare about the US or you for that matter so jump Trumptard

    • CHRIS says:

      So … nothing about the uranium deal with Russia? NO wait that was Clinton. Sorry my bad.

    • Stephen says:

      You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

    • Bill says:

      And you know this how? Is the IRS telling you what is on his tax returns? Are you illegally receiving personal information from the IRS?

    • Roy L. Bryant says:

      Woops!!! You gave Albanians a bad name!!! You put them in bad company!!!

    • Dave says:

      Youre an idiot
      And sadly proud of it

    • Maxine kowalski says:

      Can you look up DELUSIONAL IN THE DICTIONARY? You will find your picture right next to it!!🤣🤣🤣

    • Jenny Waldon says:

      LOL LEAKED INFO ON HILARY,..that is the key piece of information. I do not care how it got out,i do not care if Russia leaked all of it,..you people need to see the big picture,Hilary put our national security at risk.That would be my family, your family. Your worried about anything Russia might have released,..so what even if it did happen,the info leaked is bigger than the fact it was “leaked” by another country. What is the worst part of all of this is the fact we have to hear from other countries that the people we hire and depend on to keep us safe,..are lying undependable people. And your worried that someone got this info from another country.

    • CoachWolf says:

      Hillary sent 20% of our uranium to Russia. You are deluded, Vivian. Quit watching FAKE NEWS on CNN and NBC.

      • Angie says:

        Yea ok how about you quit watching Fake News and Hannity he’s the one that started that propaganda last nite on Fox News!! Lmao at how indoctrinated you Trumptards are by the Fox News lmao

    • Jaxon Morganti says:

      Hey Vivian how come you and your snowflake liberals never questioned why Obama never showed his college transcripts, his “real” birth certificate.

    • Angy Perrus says:

      You make a lot of claims but your evidence is lacking. Trying to make this a “patriotism” issue when the REAL issue is this;
      Accusations sans proof equals slander and a loud, screeching voice does not constitute “proof”. As of now, only your patriotism is questionable for unverified attacks against your President (that’s right, YOUR President). So STFU already.

    • Mary Simmons says:

      Lady for one thing you need to try to spell and second please try to use good English. President Trump is our President – maybe you don’t like him but he is the PRESIDENT and deserves respect. Just because you wanted another Clinton to cover up their misuse of their power you will just have to wait and maybe the witch will run again.

      • Angie says:

        Lady he might be your President but he damn sure ain’t mine and he doesn’t deserve respect he deserves a impeachment hearing!! He will get one hr so effing stupid he tells in himself every single day tweets and does an interview!! Your so ignorant go blow Trump won’t you!!

    • Mike Akins says:

      What rock did you crawl out from under….now I know why we call you people dumbocrats. Killary belongs in prison and you haven’t got a clue why. Trump is the best president we’ve had since Reagan and Kennedy.

    • Alan Spohn says:

      What kind of fool are you? A dedicated liberal no doubt

    • Michael Evans says:

      You are retarded to profess that Hillary would be better thsn Trump. Ask the deceased of Benghazi. Get your head out of the sand.

    • Joe Grabitz says:

      Typical laft has the answers with no proof. How ignorant you lefts are to assume you know the answer. Im happy your all mot judhes in a courtroom. Everyone would be guilty because you assume they are. If there was anything jackass Cumey would had spilled his guts by now!

    • Joe Grabitz says:

      Typical laft has the answers with no proof. How ignorant you lefts are to assume you know the answer. Im happy your all not judges in a courtroom. Everyone would be guilty because you assume they are. If there was anything jackass Cumey would had spilled his guts by now!

    • Erik Latranyi says:

      Vivian, you are deranged.

      Russia influenced the election in 2008 and 2012 also. Does that mean Obama is working with Russia?

      Russia has tried to influence every election we have in this country. 2016 was no different.

      Now, if you want to try and connect Trump to the Russian efforts, you will have to show SOMETHING as evidence……because, so far, you have NOTHING.

      Attorneys went over Trump’s tax returns and certified that he received ZERO income from Russian anything.

      So, his tax returns are clean.

      But, you want the tax returns released so you can complain about his wealth and the legal deductions he took……you will drop the Russia story and focus on something else.

    • David says:

      Did the Tax returns tell you what a TERRIBLE President GW Bush was going to be? Did the Tax returns tell you what a TERRIBLE President Obama was going to be? Did Tax returns tell you what a GOOD president Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton were going to be??

      Drop the tax returns garbage. They don’t mean a thing. If he were doing anything illegal, the IRS would have found it and thrown him in jail.

    • Rodger Farabee says:

      Wow, what a complete idiot. They all follow the same story line, which will lead nowhere!!!! Trump will NOT be impeached, he has done and will do a lot more for this Country than any Loser Democrat will. It too obvious that they are all blind Trump haters, so it’s really easy to see why people just don’t listen to anything the Dems have to say. If they would spend 10% of their energy in Making Country Great again, it could actually happen. I don’t count CA in any discussions, as they are TOO far left and are beyond hope. The rest of the Country still has a chance though.

    • zoe honea says:

      You are the retarded one the Clinton’s where selling uranium to Russia before the campaigning ever began, please do your research before making dumb statements.

    • David Wineland says:

      its going to be OK my little Snowflake

    • RUTH says:

      And it’s idiot morons like you who disgusts a lot of us

    • Bongo says:

      Look, a sheep hot out of her pen! A lie is only a lie. But a lie told A 1,000 times becomes the truth? Nope. Still a lie.

  • robert says:

    dont vote for any democrats

  • robert hayes says:

    lets all vote totally for all republicans in the next couple elections and that will wipe out the democrats

    • Angie says:

      It’s not gonna happen MORON!! You so ignorant and unintelligent!! The stupid republikkkans will never win another election!! Again stupid!! Hahha

      • Ron says:

        Keep talking like that and Republicans will win the next several elections. You can’t seem to grasp that you are falling for the same things that the republicans did in 2008 after Obama won the election and it took 2 election cycles to get the White House back. So instead of spewing the hate rhetoric that you accuse republicans of using and actually come up with ideas and solutions that Americans can get behind or it will be you Democrats that won’t be winning elections anytime soon.

  • robert hayes says:

    lets vote total republican for every election and that wipe out the cry baby dems ….teach them a lesson

  • Annie says:

    We really need to push for term limits. Any ideas how to get that ball rolling? I can’t take much more of those career politicians attacking our president.

  • God Hates Republicans says:

    John Schweppe you are a msaaive idiot and complete faggot. What a cracker.

    • Jed Clampett says:

      Bye, Felicia!

    • Danny Stephens says:

      “God Hates Republicans” : you can’t spell. Why would anyone pay attention to you hate drivel when you are afraid to name yourself?

    • Danny Stephens says:

      “God Hates Republicans” : you can’t spell. Why would anyone pay attention to your hate drivel when you are afraid to name yourself?

    • Steve says:

      Boy for a liberal you sure throw around that fa word awfully easy.talk about two faced. Oh i know that was a slip hope all the other Dems see it. Misogynist!

    • Jim Williams says:

      Wow! That’s what I call a well researched, carefully documented contribution – not!

  • Jack says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the point of the investigation to find such facts and bring them forward? It’s still going on, so clearly they wouldn’t release their findings just yet.

  • Matt says:

    Let me play devils advocate and say that Donald Trump did collude with the russians. My first question is: What was the one THING that they did to interfere with the election? I mean, what action/actions or incident/incidents caused the election results to change? Please someone in the media please explain what EXACTLY was it that they did to motivate millions of people to vote for Trump? Evryone I know that voted never said they had some kind of new information that changed their vote from Hillary to Trump. I’m still waiting for the mainstream media to explain that.

    • Dean says:

      You won’t get an answer that is honest.
      There is nothing, they obviously think if they waste enough time he won’t accomplish anything. He just needs to continue as if they’re not there.
      If they did their jobs with the vigor that they show when they try to smear our President
      America wouldn’t have half its troubles.
      They are so afraid of losing their side money that they don’t care about us.
      It’s all about them.

      • Nancy says:

        So true

      • Les Nicholson says:

        Why would Democrats who hated Rommy and McCann voted twice for Obama now voted Trump?
        Now the Democrats are pulling there hair out and setting it on fire. Because he fired Commy!
        And the Democrats are screaming for Trumps taxes to be turn over or he will be sorry.

        Why weren’t Democrats upset when Obama hid his school records birth certificate college records and o yea did anyone see his tax records.
        So here’s a novel idea
        Let’s get down to govern and stay out of sand lot fights. It makes me crazy to think the world is in strife and all we talk about is petty arguments!

    • Brian Folks says:

      Let me give you a devil’s advocate answer. Assume Trump encouraged Russia to hack the DNC emails and have them release them through Wikileaks. That would be collusion.
      BTW, I don’t believe there was any collusion.

    • Aaron says:

      The worst he did was help them expose Hillary’s campaign’s corruption. Which would be pretty bad if we needed foreigners to expose our Presidential candidates because our “Free Press” colluded with the DNC.

      • Onthetrumpwagon says:


        Someone ne needed to tell us the truth. Now Clinton is all whiny that she lost because of her own exposed doings.

      • Onthetrumpwagon says:

        * Someone needed to tell us the truth…

    • Ricky says:

      I would ask this, if per day there was collusion and it actually happened. My question would be why did our past president and Congress, Atty general etc not have safety plans in place to prevent this. Also realize that we have fifty states with many cities, counties all with different systems used to vote. How could all of those be effected.

    • Carol says:

      I don’t care who hacked the DNC and considr Mulian Assange a Patriot. Bottom line was the CONTENT of the emails, which showed the corruption of the DNC and HRC

  • Jim says:

    Liberals keep hoping something would pop up. But its not there. THeres more on Hillary and Bill in cahoots with Russia than Trump.

    • Maria says:

      I don’t believe he has ties to Russia. He thinks to highly of himself that he would need them to win. He is running the White House like a business. He doesn’t like something or can’t trust someone he fires them on the spot. He doesn’t care. Wrong or right it’s him. He doesn’t have to get use to the Washington way , but they have to learn how to get use to his ways. Good or Bad I don’t know yet. I do think he has good intentions on doing what he think is best for our country and making it better. Time will only tell.

  • Superfly says:

    I love this story. Why because it’s true!
    Trump is clean and one of America’s greatest presidents. It’s only been a quarter of the year and he’s already made great strides in getting the country back on track with hardly any help and having the democrats try to block his every move. God bless and protect our president

  • The Redneck says:

    #1. Liberals really, REALLY want it to be true, and feelings equal facts.

  • Curtis Bellis says:

    Why was National Security Advisor to POTUS fired? Well I guess you all missed at least one thing. I guess that fact was overlooked.

    • Scot says:

      Because he was an Ass and an Obama Surrogate.

      • Gary Stater says:

        And because be thought he had the authority to make the decision whether or not to move forward with Hillary’s Illegal server. That wasn’t his responsibility. His responsibility was to provide the facts and let the justice system do its job. He provided the facts (just having private email server is against the law regardless of intent and anyone with a brain knows her intent was to cheat and lie) then went on to say no one would prosecute her for her actions. Then he lied to Congress about # of e-mails found on Dicky-Boys laptop. You can’t be so blind not to see why he was terminated. Please don’t bring up the timing narrative because for the snowflakes, it wouldn’t have mattered when he fired him they would have melted!

    • Auntie Vyris says:

      Curtis, Flynn spoke lawfully, with Russian counterparts, in order to fulfill his duties. There was nothing in that recorded conversation to indicate any misstep by Flynn/ Trump fired him because of a perceived skip in Flynn’s answer to a direct question from the VP.

      Stop seeing commies behind every tree, and you’ll be more fit to see REAL bad guys.

  • Larry White says:

    Not since Newt Gingrinch has there been such a concerted effort on the part of Democrats to bring someone down. Democrats are a party of thugs.

  • Gene Mulvey says:

    Has anybody asked or explained why Trump, with all his money and an endless supply of US computer experts, would even have to deal with the Russians?

    • The Redneck says:

      Or, for that matter, why the Russians would want a warmonger instead of Miz Reset-button who has already proven the Russians can buy policy from her?

  • DonW says:

    The imaginary Fairy Tale from Democrats and RINO’s marches on!

    Approaching 29 consecutive months of false claims, false accusations and false charges – NOTHING!
    After close to29 months of investigations from the NSA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the US Attorneys, Democrats in Congress, Democrats in the Senate, the Republican RINO’s (Ryan, Bush, McConnell, McCain) and the Media throwing fake news about him to the public – STILL NOTHING!
    Remember, all of these imaginary investigations started in January of 2015 as soon as Trump announced his initial candidacy!
    After decades of tax returns after tax returns, the IRS has never been able to come up with anything illegal or against the laws!
    Democrats whined that Comey should have had his employment terminated in November of 2016, but a gutless President Obama didn’t have the backbone to do it! Trump wins the election, continues the investigation on Comey’s corruption, terminates his employment and how do the Democrats and RINO’s respond? More whining that Comey didn’t deserve being terminated, but cannot explain what changed or why!


    • Robert Wynn says:

      Your right sir it’s just been a witch hunt that never ends.

    • Rachel says:

      Obama goes to france and interferes with the election and that’s a fact but we spend money and time on a false cause crazy

      • E a fuchs says:

        And to top it off Obama went to France on the tax payers dollar,,,, I wonder how much his secret service detail cost.

  • Triple D says:

    If their was collusion it was the Democrats not just with Russia but also with Iran, Palistinians, ISIS in Syria, Al Quida in Libya, and Mexico and the drug cartel. Usually Democrats seems to do everything​ they blame others for. I guess they figure since they do it, others do too except charitible donations. They want mandate contribution through government subsidy basically using other people’s money. Republicans generally give much more to charity.

  • Rex says:

    I wonder how much longer the Democrats and liberals are going to continue to make fools of themselves?

  • BillWhit says:

    Anyone with a tad of intelligence knew the accusations was just a godless Democratic Whining Party, as they do with everything. Just like Comey, whom they wanted fired, then when Trump finally fires him, they whine they want them back and it was a scandal! Godless Democrats are like the Black LIES Matter gutter trash, or the Pigs of Islam, no matter which way the wind blows, they will whine about it, like a leaf flopping in the wind, no structure, no purpose, no balance, only whining and flipflopping. Nothing intelligence or honorable will ever immerge from the Democratic Party again, they have proved themselves to be Domestic Enemies of our Great Nation.

    • Mike says:

      And all while they do all that, they are wasting millions of tax payers money over and over. When they are all done with all thwse bullshit claims against Trump the American people should put a class action law suit against the demacratic party to repay all that money back to the tax payers. And put the money back where it supose to be. Proberly Veterans,,and social security fund. They keep taking money from that fund. Everytime they take and take from social security. And it isnt even the governments money to take.

  • Stripes says:

    Collusion, collude, colluding, colluded….none are charges of illegality. There are no charges of law breaking that include these terms.

  • Bill Thrasher says:

    We, accross Our Country, need to attribute the victory of President Trump, IN IT’S ENTIRETY, to the solid fact that the Heartland of America voted with clear minds and hopeful spirits that Donald Trump would return us from the ugly mire that Obama left us in…Russia or Russians had ZERO to do with the results of the General Election.
    Americans entered their voting booths with informed clarity of their part in bring us back to greatness… Hillary Clinton was vanquished because of over three decades of lies, scandals and criminality…and Donald Trump gave us hope. Americans provided their own council, and Russia wasn’t even a small part of it.

    • Anne says:

      Terrific post, Bill! I hated what Obama had done to my country! i was a democrat for years,I loved JFK (but was too young to vote, then) Did not trust Obama..he came out of nowhere..no background info(as we found out too late), but I never voted for him..just did not vote those years. His lies began to pile up, and his hatred of the USA and & what we stood for obvious! I realized he was a paid off plant to take us down, (Fema camps?? what the hell!).. Trump is not a extreme right winger..he is a moderate republican…actually believes in a lot of things that JFK believed in..As a NY native, I know everything about Trump, and he truly loves this country! The left is so angry because he is against globalism 100% like me! (Anyone who does not understand,,go to library, get book entitled “1984” by George Orwell. It is what Soros & illuminati want to do to us…Will not happen with Trump in…God Bless him!

  • Wayasti Adovdo says:

    There was no collusion, period. If there was any it was Hillary and Bill, selling our resources-

  • Tammy stockbridge says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, News flash: President impeached… But his name is NOT Trump. The ONLY 2 Presidents ever impeached were Andrew Jackson and BILL CLINTON. That’s right Mr Hillary was impeached. Trump will NEVER be impeached, wake up …. IF the Dems had ANYTHING on Trump it would have been front page news long ago. But they do not. The best they could ever come up with was the locker room talk on the bus. FYI, ive heard a lot worse. You losers need to get over it. You lost but America won. And won in a big way. You hate Trump so much, then put your money where your mouth is. Next year do not accept his tax cuts and credits. Pay at this year’s rate. I dare you. But I know you won’t, because if this election has proved ANYTHING it’s that you big mouth liberals are all talk, and rarely have a clue what the truth is. So I seriously doubt you could even figure out your taxes without a computer program.

  • Will says:


    • Will says:


      • Rex says:

        Will, you have an extra “up” there!

      • Disgruntled Vet says:

        Put all libtards in a concentration camp. They’ve screwed up our country enough.

      • Rachel says:

        This is a waste of tax Payers money. If dems are so worried about interference in elections then they need to talk about Obama interference with france election he went over there and did a sspeech on TV tell them who to vote for hypocritical asswipes

  • VICTOR LUCIO says:

    Well,what can I say: before we Americans know it our so call President of the United States of America will be ”impeach” and rest assured our nightmare will be over.!!! So let’s all pray together and let’s get this ” idiot” out of office… A concern American. ………Houston Texas

  • Doc says:

    Sinkhole discovered in Washington D. C.

  • Steve Hodgkiss says:

    Hillary and Bill facilitated the sale of US Uranium to the Russians allowing them to corner the world’s uranium market and there wasn’t a peep from Obama’s administration! As for Trump’s #FakeNews collusion, where’s the evidence??? In the minds of liberals who embraced the U.S.S.R. when Reagan stood against them. Hypocrites!

  • Danny Knapp says:

    If someone does not talk to Russia, there will be a lot of revenue lost!

  • FedUpLibBS says:

    FBI should check Hillary’s collusion with Russia… at least there is some THERE … there.

  • FedUpLibBS says:

    Comey should check Hillary’s collusion with Russians.. at least there is some THERE … there.

  • DeafElizabethWarrenBot says:


  • Steve Willhite says:


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