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Reinstating the Military Transgender Ban Is Good Policy

President Trump shocked the Twittersphere this morning by announcing he would be reinstating the long-standing ban on individuals with gender dysphoria serving in the military:

The ban was first removed a year ago by the Obama administration at the behest of the radical LGBT lobby.

This was a great decision. Trump cited the “tremendous medical costs” associated with sex-change operations and hormone therapy, which the taxpayer would be on the hook for, as a major reason for the move. This is true. However, that’s not the only reason this is good policy.

Our military is the greatest fighting force in the history of the world. Why would we want to disrupt readiness and morale by forcing our troops to obsess over “male periods” and “preferred pronouns” when they should be focusing exclusively on defeating the enemy?

The most important thing Washington, D.C., can do in regard to our troops is to ensure that they are properly equipped for combat and functioning as an efficient (and deadly!) unit. Our heroes don’t need bureaucratic paper pushers force-feeding them a politically correct gender ideology that has no basis in reality.

Our military is an exclusive group — it is a privilege to serve, not a right. Potential recruits are excluded all the time for various physical and mental health conditions. Gender dysphoria has traditionally been one of those conditions, and up until a few years ago, it was universally regarded as a mental illness. Now, because of a powerful political movement, we are told by so-called experts that women can have penises and men can have periods.

That’s an interesting theory that certainly makes for a compelling gender studies thesis, but let’s leave the social experimentation to the college campuses. President Trump is doing the right thing by fixing a mistake made a year ago. He’s keeping our military great.

Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling is executive director of the American Principles Project.

  • Keep all the transgenders, homosexuals, lesbeians, and perverts and mentally deranged people and put them on the front lines in any defense for America
    To defend this America they say they love so much, as they can’t and will not be given a quote normal job in America. They are a drain in the world forever
    , as in the says of Noah before the flood and sodomon and gommarh.

    • Glenda Old Gal, your post is a hoot! It is clear from your message dripping with venom that the right wing is cluttered with hate-mongers. Not very Christian of you.

  • Bravo Mr. President! As a three-tour combat veteran and father of two warriors, I do not want our military being used for perverted social experiments. These “transgender” nut jobs belong in the booby hatch, not uniform.

    • It is clear from your post that you fought for the wrong country. Our warriors serve a country that guarantees liberty and justice for all–which would include gays and transgender.

      Perhaps you and your sons fought for Iran, a country that locks up gay people.

  • Wait till they try to get into heaven THE lord will say NO and If i made you a man you are a man If I made you a lady you should have stay A lady . you would not Listen or read my word of god

    • Mary Old Gal, you are the one who needs to worry about meeting the Lord. Jesus commands us to love all God’s children–which would include His transgender ones. Clearly you don’t.

  • So Trump, who boasts about sexually molesting women, thinks he has moral capacity to ban transgendered patriots. Bigot.

    • He did not boast about sexually molesting women!
      Trump said that when you are famous women will let you do anything if they think it will further their chances of being a star.

    • Poor Tspoon has comprehension issues! Trump boasted about how he, Donald Trump, has been able to molest women because he is a celebrity.

      Is this a comprehension problem on your part, or are you not telling the truth?

    • It’s not bigotry to expect a man to be a man….or a woman to be a woman….i was turned down because of poor vison…and trick ankles …..there are standards for a reason….cry baby

    • Clearly you don’t qualify for the military. There are several hundred transgender military personnel who have met these qualifications and are now currently serving our country.
      Yes you are a bigot. Crybaby Charlie Old Boy didn’t make the cut while transgender Americans have passed military fitness. I think you are jealous. I think you are a delicate snowflake.