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Senate Democrats Vote Unanimously to Restrict Americans’ Healthcare Choices

Yesterday every single Senate Democrat voted to abolish new low-cost health insurance plans made available by the Trump administration. While the joint resolution narrowly failed in a 50-50 vote, it was revealing to see how Democrats from Chuck Schumer to Joe Manchin were so mortified by the mere existence of affordable insurance policies that they fought tooth-and-nail to make them illegal. It is more bewildering coming from the party that claims to be for “choice.”

If the Left wants to outlaw something as innocuous as a type of health insurance plan, they will really ban anything these days!

The Democrats’ joint resolution would have re-enforced the Obama-era crackdown on short-term limited-duration health care plans. Thanks to President Trump, Americans now have the option to purchase and renew these plans, which are not subject to costly Obamacare regulations, for a period of up to 3 years. As I previously wrote:

The anchor of President Trump’s health care executive order was a provision allowing consumers to purchase (and renew) short-term limited-duration health insurance (STLD) plans. These plans provide consumers with an affordable health care option because they are exempt from Obamacare’s laundry-list of regulations and coverage requirements. It is because these plans are so affordable that the Obama administration essentially banned them from existence. They knew if STLD plans were on the market, many consumers would choose this option instead of an overpriced Obamacare policy.

President Obama nearly outlawed STLD insurance by mandating that it could only be offered for periods of less than three months and that STLD plans could not be renewed even if you liked your plan. Thankfully, President Trump’s health care executive order called on HHS to repeal the 3-month rule and give consumers the option to renew an STLD plan.

The expansion of the STLD health insurance market under President Trump is playing a critical role in bringing new, affordable health insurance options to market. The Democrats’ vote was tantamount to shooting at the lifeboats rescuing consumers like me from overpriced Obamacare plans.

(Side note: If Obamacare plans were as awesome as Democrats say, why are they desperately afraid of competition — to the point where it must be banned?)

Lastly, let’s remember that if Senate Republicans had cast a similar vote, Democrats and their media allies would be furiously claiming “Republicans kicked millions off health care!”

Senate Democrats should feel embarrassed for demanding that Americans buy into their one-size-fits-all approach to health care. If Americans like their STLD insurance plan, they should be able to keep it.

Photo credit: Senate Democrats via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Jonathan Decker

Jonathan Decker is the Chief Economic Correspondent for

  • Oh Dear You Ass of America…let’s consider some profound thoughts of Albert Einstein:
    -“Don’t always believe what you think”(i.e. the ‘why’ is more important than the ‘what’ of the belief)
    -“Problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that caused them”(i.e. close your mouth, open your mind)
    -“Insanity IS doing the same things over again & expecting different results”(i.e. your head may just fall out of your ass if you took the stairs more often). And for those that don’t (won’t) understand: think for yourselves! They only tell you what they want you to know. “Affordable healthcare”!? That essentially means that someone is less important than you. And “We, the People” accept this.(?!) Big Pharma can profit only on treating, not curing, diseases. And the biggest disease is Greed.
    Brought to you by a free thinking Duh-merican

  • Just one question for all the Democrats in here that thought Obamascre was so great. If Obamascare was so damn great, why wasn’t Congress on it as well?

    Argument over.

  • Once again, selectively telling the story to create indignation!

    Reality was the ACA addressed the rising cost of uncovered Emergency room and hospitalization. Basically, a couple million people had “coverage” that did not cover Emergency room visits, Hospitalization, Surgery etc.

    Meaning, you and I paid for their coverage. The ACA dictated that you had to have minimum coverage that included these items, so you and I don’t have to pay for it.

    GOP is trying to bring back those “low rent, low coverage” policies.

    So if making the choices for healthcare include personal responsibility and minimum coverage, then it’s restricting.

    Otherwise, allowing people to get ghetto coverage so we can pay for their or their insurance lack of paying, seems crazy.

    • So your saying that by forcing EVERYBODY to pay higher prices for insurance whether they can afford it or not, which was mostly the “middle class”, that Obama crap non-care was somehow actually saving us money instead of lining the pockets of politicians and “insurance providers”?

      If it was so damn great, why is it that fewer and fewer doctors and hospitals were excepting it?

      Maybe if you guys would quit advocating for people coming here illegally, not so many EMERGENCY rooms would get inundated by people that can’t or won’t pay their bill or are even able to be found afterwards because they are here illegally.

  • I am also on disability SS. I tried to get GAP coverage to take care of the 20% not covered by Medicare. It would cost over $2,000 per month. I don’t qualify for Medicaid. I’ll gladly pay the 20%.

    • I have NEVER seen a Medicare gap policy that costs $2,000 a month. I have Plan F which is the most expensive supplement policy and I pay $221.00 a month. With this plan I pay 0 deductible and 0 copay.

    • Janet, try pricing a medigap policy when you’re under 65! Yes, for those 65 and over the policies are very affordable, but if you are disabled, under 65 and on Medicare, you’re pretty much stuck with that 20%!

  • What a bunch of dumbasses. They just can’t get out of their own way. The best part is they are doing a great job of making themselves extinct!

  • They voted no because the STLD plans don’t protect those with preexisting conditions. You conveniently forgot to mention that part.

    • The people signing up are informed of that. If a college grad or anyone else has no preexistinf conditions they have the right to choose one of these plans and save a lot of money. Btw; the article clearly states that these plans are not required to meet the rules of Obamacare plans, which is what preexisting would be.

  • The senators that spitefully voted the reform down should be required to have the same plan that their people are left with. I cannot believe that the government servants are allowed to have a superior plan then their employers.

    • Our medicine is costing way too much I take 12 different kinds there has to be better help for all of us

  • The only way forward is with a National Helathcare service. With your current system, everyone bar the exception of the consumer is making vast amounts of money from your health insurance! The working population would pay less in health care costs and receive the same quality of care. Healthcare providers/pharmaceutical manufacturers/health insurance companies are ripping off the consumers.

    • Bernie Sanders tried it in his state. It folded in one year due to cost. It could not maintain itself even on the raised taxes .

    • Why are we so dumb that people cannot see what is happening! Our health insurance on a N plan is going up so much we cannot keep this up! Stop put this money in the politician pocket!

  • Notice you decided to leave out the fact that these plans were abolished because they were frequently marketed under false pretenses, never disclosing the significant annual and lifetime limits and caps that were included in the fine print. So millions of unsuspecting Americans bought them thinking they were protected, until they got seriously injured or ill and learned the truth the hard way, at the most difficult point in their lives. Congrats on your Fake News article – the President would be proud.

    • These plansare good the ones you discuss are part of Obama’s I don’t care health policies… nice try liberal

    • The only issue with your comment is that it’s simply not true. At any time I purchased an insurance plan, the lifetime limits were listed right at the top. Perhaps you speak of plans through employers? The problem is people don’t read their plans and whose fault is that? No ones but their own. It’s called accountability.

    • You are speaking out of ignorance. These policies hide nothing. They clearly spelled out lifetime limitations and payment schedules. In fact , till Obama forced his Obamacare on us this was the only type of coverage offered by any company. I’ve lived thru it, I’ve been licensed to sell it, I know the rules. You are obviously speaking from the leftist lies manual.

    • Obamascare plans also had lifetime limits ALONG with sky high premiums and ever increasing deductibles. For MOST of us, myself included, it was cheaper to pay the fine and Obama to go f#!k himself, then pay out of pocket. By the way, a LOT of cash out of pocket concierge clinics opened up. $50 a month covered a family of 4 for anything the doc could do in house. Yearly exams, x-rays, stitches, setting broken bones and casts, etc, etc.

      We did have skyrocketing healthcare bills before Medicare/Medicaid. This is the result of government interference in the free market just like college tuitions.

  • Pure unadulterated propaganda. The Republicans are fabricating in an effort
    to feed red meat to their 37% red cap base, with the hope of stopping additional loss. The average Ameican is not stupid, they realize what the Trump administration is doing to the economy, with the “boneheaded” tariffs being imposed. Case in point, take a look at the avalanche in value of the market, and one’s 401K investment.

    • Looks as if you forgot to check the Markets before you opened your mouth!
      Typical liberal dope! Now stop complaining and go work for a living

    • Are you blind ? The unemployment at its lowest, minority unemployment at its lowest, tariffs caused us to negotiate for a much better European trade deal, and a new North American deal. Taxes are lowered and yes that did affect the average citizen . North Korea is abandoning its nuclear weapon program . STILL 0 evidence of collusion by Trump but PLENTY of proof against Obama’s regime and specifically Clinton. You appear to be the uninformed one here NOT The Republicans .

    • Absolute BullSh*t … Investments took off within the first 6 months of this presidency as opposed to the NOTHING BURGER for the last eight… your a fool

    • The average American represents more than 37% and we are done suffering through Obamacare era social welfare programs. I have always had excellent insurance. My insurance under Obamacare has skyrocketed, but my salary has been fixed. My friends and family have lost doctors yearly as well as insurers. They pay astronomical premiums with huge deductibles. That’s not insurance if you can’t afford to use it. Obamacare is a sham.

  • Once again I’m feeling smothered by the Dems. They should not have the right to take life away from anyone. They cannot play God. See you at the poles.

  • Donald Trump is been working so hard to Eradicate the idiotic Obama care. We do not want Medicare for all. that is Really socialize medicine creeping in under the door. Dirty Democrats! What it means is we don’t have any choices. Also! There Will be rationing if they ever get into power again. Think about that. No darn dirty democrat plans! We the people have spoken

  • can I see the bill and who voted please? then if this is true, I’ll jump on my Senator like no dog has went after an enemy…but for now, I need to see the real vote please…

  • Most newspapers have a letters to the editor. Everyone should write a letter stating how the insurance,is better,and point out how the Dems voted against it. If we flood the papers across the US the Dems will back down. Especially if they know they are losing votes in a few weeks. Show the Dems they are not in control, if the people vote against them.

  • It is unfortunate that these PEOPLE stifle true American “Can Do” ideology. We have 50 State Insurance Commissioners and several time that many Insurance Companies. Why haven’t they used their talents to create health insurance carriers as we have all forms of casualty, life, prescription, dental, vision and so many other coverage. This is a solvable problem that President TRUMP by creating a bipartisan Commission could some in a short period of time as they did with Medicare, medical and prescription drugs for seniors.

  • These dems will not give up for the sake of all Americans. They will not act like adults but continue to behave like children. I hope the voting public realize the democrats are holding us hostage and they all vote red all the way.

  • -This is insane evil votes by the evil Democrats! You all belong in prison for the torture you are doing to the USA citizens regarding healthcare!!!!!!

  • -This is insane evil votes by the evil Democrats! You all belong in prison for the torture you are doing to the USA citizens regarding healthcare!!!!!!

  • Let’s require them to have the insurance and see how quickly they change their minds. With th heir income they will pay a hearty fee

  • Why do you hate the people that work hard so you can live in your mansions. Stupid stupid move. Y’all have got to go

    • It seems to me that the Senate idea of working their constituents is backwards. They need to understand the way is not up to them but the people….

    • They forget that they are employees hired by us citizens. And that is our fault we have ben neglectful for a long long time and they have operated just like Muslims slip in to a semblance of power and money not obey the oath that they have taken and to me that describes a traitor arrest try and sentence them all to the ultimate penalty. Execution. That would get their attention that the laws will be obeyed.

  • Does not surprise me the dems.(which I was one for many years) would all vote against..please people remember to vote in 25 days..the red wave is coming

  • I’ve got Stage 4 NSCLC that has metastasized to my brain, stomach and, Lymph nodes. I am currently on SS disability as 7 years ago I broke my neck at work and that created nerve damage in my arm and hand. I also have been blessed with Type 2 diabetes. I struggle to make my regular bills , much less , pay the medical bills. I’m having trouble finding a supplemental policy that won’t force me to loose everything! If politicians were more in touch with their constituents , maybe we’d feel like someone actually cared. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue! This is America and we deserve better !

    • If you’re on Medicare your portion is 20% less the deductible. I’m not sure why you’re not on Medicaid as well! Did your state not allow the Medicaid expansion for under age 65? Definitely check with your local department for community based services. It may be that you aren’t eligible, but you need to check. What state are you in?