Chinese Communist Party Requisitions Hillary Clinton In Effort To Smear Trump As ‘Incompetent Racist’


The Chinese Communist Party has found their newest propaganda mouthpiece: Hillary Clinton.

It’s no surprise the failed 2016 presidential candidate is out of touch with real Americans – famously bragging that she’d “put coalminers out of business” – but parroting CCP-endorsed talking points is a new low even despite her family’s legacy of appeasing and emboldening the communist regime.

The wu mao’s newest recruit’s unwarranted commentary on President Trump’s handling of coronavirus bears an uncanny resemblance to Chinese state media, branding his response as a “failure” and scolding him for racism – what’s changed since 2016?

[Tweet deleted]

Clinton chastising President Trump for using the geographically-accurate term “Chinese virus” (much like the Spanish Flu and the Middle East respiratory syndrome) has also been popularized by Clinton’s greatest ally during her failed 2016 presidential run: the mainstream media, who marches in lockstep with the CCP’s coronavirus narrative.

And unsurprisingly, Clinton’s tweet has received an influx of support from CCP-funded state media:

In total Clinton fashion, her tweet is woefully out of touch with the feelings of real Americans, as the majority approve of President Trump’s response to the virus.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is an Investigative Reporter at the National Pulse and contributor to The National Pulse podcast.