Are Democrats Planning to Impeach President Trump?

Since the night he shocked the world by defeating Hillary Clinton, left-wing activists have fantasized about impeaching Donald Trump. This obsession has driven many of these otherwise lucid individuals to lunacy as they desperately peddle baseless conspiracy theories about Russia hacking the election in order to justify their fervent partisan desire to destroy Trump.

Looking for anything to latch onto, liberals who almost unilaterally called for the firing of FBI Director James Comey just a few short months ago decided that the most damning thing President Trump has done in office so far was… to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Many liberals and progressive media outlets are preparing the way for impeachment by comparing the Comey firing to Watergate:

Naturally, rabid LGBT activist George Takei (of Star Trek fame and little else) called specifically for impeachment:

And according to Jonathan Easley at The Hill, Democrats in Congress are seriously considering it:

Speaking on a conference call organized by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Reps. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) and Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) said Comey’s firing would unite Democrats in an effort to impeach the president.

The Democrats said they would first need to prove Trump was guilty of obstruction of justice or criminal malfeasance in colluding with a foreign government.

Pocan said that if Democrats had an “impeachment clock” like the “doomsday clock” meant to warn of nuclear war, it would have just moved one hour closer to midnight.

“We always, as we talk to people, say [impeachment] is one of the tools we have on the table to try and get the administration to do the right thing,” Pocan said.

If there was any question prior to this, it’s clear now — the Democrats are willing to do anything they can to stop Trump from being successful, turning every miniscule story into the Scandal Of The Century, even if they have to push #FakeNews conspiracy theories to do it.

Nobody said making America great again would be easy.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Jon Schweppe is the Director of Government Affairs for American Principles Project. Follow him on Twitter @JonSchweppe


  1. The Dude

    This will undoubtedly backfire on the Democrats as the country will soon see the lunacy of the left as Pelosi and Waters continue to rant their vile hatred towards Trump; unfounded evidence of collusion with Russia. Even Feinstein is distancing herself from these loons.

  2. Jack

    Democrats/Liberals are clueless. Midterm elections are next year, every last Democrat Congress person and 23 Democrat Senators are up for Reelection. Americans are tired of the crying, whining, and Drama that the Dems and Libs have displayed the last 6 months. Accept the fact Dems, you lost because Americans got tired of the lies, corruption, and scandals. There was no Russian Collusion, the only So called Hacking, happened in July 2015 by the NSA, of the DNC. So Dems be very wary that before screaming impeachment, you best have proof. Or you will find yourself beat on election night.

  3. Dragon 40

    These loons are delusional if they think Trump can be impeached. I predict a breakout upwards for popcorn makers’ stock if they try.

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