WATCH – Kassam on Fox: New York Times Wants to Stack the Deck Against Trump in Debates


National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on Fox News’s The Ingraham Angle on Wednesday night to discuss the recent New York Times op-ed entitled ‘Biden Should Not Debate Trump Unless…’

“Look at the arbitrary nature of the new rules that Tom Friedman at the New York Times wants to condition this debate on. Tax returns, why stop with tax returns? Why not the Delaware records that Biden doesn’t want out? Why not the foreign dealings? I am sure we’d all like to know what Beijing Biden has been up to.”

In relation to Joe Biden’s recent remarks that he “can hardly wait” to compare his cognitive ability to that of the President’s, and that he had been taking ‘regular cognitive tests’. Kassam stated:

“Why not release the cognitive tests that Biden tells us he has been taking regularly?”

Kassam also addressed Friedman’s second requirement that proposed having fact-checkers attend the debate and actively provide corrections to what they deem are false statements.

“Who fact checks the fact-checkers? We know who the social media firms use as fact-checkers, they consist of 50 percent CNN staff, 95 percent Democrat donors, we’ve gone through all of those, we know who these people are. What they want is to stack the deck against the President on that debate stage. They would much prefer it be four against one, fact-checkers vs. the President.”

The National Pulse recently investigated so-called “neutral” fact checkers and revealed a litany of partisanship.

Finally, Kassam proffered a better idea: invite presidential candidate Kanye West to the debate.

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“That way we’ll have less campaign advice from Ilhan Omar and more from Elon Musk,” he joked.

Nick Regan

Nick Regan is a 2020 National Pulse Writing Fellow