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Pa. GOP’s Scott Wagner Accepts Money from “George Soros of LGBT Movement”

Conservatives are well aware of the corrupt nature of politicians and their pay-to-play schemes. Many politicians will support legislation or policy changes for the right price. Often times special interest groups donate money or hold massive fundraisers for politicians with a wink-and-a-nod agreement that, in exchange for their campaign donations, their prized legislation will advance.

This tactic is often used to get politicians to support harmful legislation. Think of it as the sugar that helps the “medicine” go down. It’s corrupt and one of the major reasons we see politicians supporting indefensible legislation.

Which brings us to Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and LGBT megadonor Tim Gill.

A lot of people don’t know who Tim Gill is. But a profile in Rolling Stone magazine tells us a lot. He’s invested hundreds of millions of dollars to restrict religious freedom and freedom of speech, and to push radical transgender ideology across the country — by backing both politicians and legislation that meet these objectives.

Gill’s support of anti-religious and anti-speech policies has been mainly through his backing of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) and so-called “hate speech” legislation. SOGI bills, among other things, have been used to allow biological males to use female bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and any other facility where privacy is expected; that’s why these bills have been called “bathroom bills.”

Gill is the George Soros of the LGBT movement, a megadonor who has vowed to “spend himself broke” to “punish the wicked” in conservative states in the South and the Rust Belt. The wicked, of course, are those fellow citizens who believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and those that believe there are only two genders.

Gill and Gill-funded entities have been early financial backers of Scott Wagner ever since he was a state senator. In fact, they’ve donated not only to Wagner, but also Wagner’s lead consultant Ray Zaborney, a former LGBT lobbyist. Zaborney has been paid thousands of dollars by Pennsylvania Competes, a Gill-funded LGBT group established to pass controversial SOGI legislation in Pennsylvania.

Wagner is a brash but otherwise conservative politician on many issues, so his support for SOGI legislation sticks out like a sore thumb.

His platform is supposedly about getting the government off the backs of working families and businesses, so why in the world would he support regulating the bathrooms of small businesses and schools? Why would he make it harder for Catholic Social Services to provide foster care to children in need? Why would he force schools to hire transgender kindergarten teachers? It makes no sense — until you realize his financial connection to Tim Gill.

Tim Gill and his LGBT groups gave $15,000 to Wagner in late 2015, and by mid-2016 Wagner had cosponsored Gill’s SOGI legislation, SB974. When Gill endorsed a strategy of paring back the SOGI legislation by excluding public accommodations in an effort to get it by conservative watchdogs, what did Wagner do? He took up that version of Gill’s bill as his own, shepherding SB1307 into and through his own subcommittee (Urban Affairs and Housing) before the original committee it was in (Labor) could even debate or discuss it. Wagner was even the deciding vote against a religious freedom amendment that simply exempted religious organizations from having to open up their locker rooms, showers, and dorm rooms to members of the opposite sex.

Apparently, Wagner’s “common sense” sense agenda doesn’t include those who don’t believe that men can become women and vice versa.

Did Scott Wagner participate in a pay-to-play scheme with Tim Gill? That’s up to Pennsylvania Republican voters to decide — and deciding they are.

Scott Wagner was once the inevitable choice for the Pennsylvania GOP. A poll last September showed him with 45 percent of the Republican primary vote, versus 16 percent for his nearest challenger, and in February he was emphatically endorsed by the Pennsylvania GOP Central Committee. Fast forward to March: two independent polls have now showed Wagner’s once formidable 29-point lead drop to a near dead heat.

Wagner has been criticized throughout the campaign for a lot of things that he’s done for his own financial interest — including suing an 83-year-old widow over $600 in trash collection — but for Pennsylvania voters, allowing boys to shower with their daughters could be the deal breaker.

Photo credit: Phil Roeder via Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling is executive director of the American Principles Project.

  • So What? Your denomination could perform marriages of human with animals, and call itself Christian, but it doesn’t make it so.

    • John Old Chap, your denomination can denounce God’s gay children and call itself Christian. It doesn’t make it so!

    • My Christian Church performs same-sex marriages. God decides if we are Christian, not John. God has this under control and doesn’t need John’s help. John should pay attention to his own considerable sins

  • How could you so studiously avoid the obvious? Posting an article in MAY 2018 about Wagner’s 2.5 year old donation to a PAC and not directly to his campaign. BUT YOU COULD TOTALLY IGNORE A RECENT MORE SIGNIFICANT DONATION BY THE ONLY BILLIONAIRE TRANSVESTITE $25,000 DONATION DIRECTLY TO PAUL MANGO CAMPAIGN SEPT. 17, 2017 WHICH WAS NOT RETURNED! 2.5 yrs ago into a separate PAC, opened by a sec. who didn’t know a thing about this name versus others from other states, yet you can ignore a $25,000 recent donation directly to Mango in Pittsburgh’ campaign where he had knowledge of it immediately. Come on. Your organization is not for conservative’s. Writing the blue print for Obamacare is not conservative. Stating Government should mandate (that means dictate) your life style, your choices, ala is not conservative. Where is your article about the 2 Million Jennifer (James) gave a college for Transvestite Studies? Where is your article about her love affair with previous administrations, all RINO, and she doesn’t like Trump due to his positions on transvestites in the military. missed this $25,000 donation? Really?

  • Thank you for this valuable information. As a straight white 53 yr old Male registered Republican I will be sure to cast my vote for the candidate that isn’t a hateful bigot like you appear to be. I believe in Jesus and his message of love and, acceptance.

  • Shilling you are the worst kind of liar, and you are definitely the worst of the Republican party. YOU are the reason we get thumped repeatedly by democrats. Are you working for them?? You’re a know it all, holier than thou wanna be dictator — who lies. This article, like all of your propaganda, is a complete and intentional distortion of the facts. Mr. Gill gave money to ReformPA, a PAC Wagner created years ago to help elect Republican Senators so the GOP could grow its majority in the Senate. Gill never gave money to Scott’s gubernatorial or senate campaigns. You use the cross, upon which Jesus Christ died, as cover for your lies. You’re a bad man. You’re a wolf — speaking of which, word on the street is YOU ARE WORKING FOR TOM WOLF BEHIND THE SCENES. I believe it.

  • Saying you are a gay Christian is like saying you are a liar Christian or a bank robber Christian. Put any sin you want in front of christian, why not

    • Joey, who died and put you in charge of Christianity? Jesus is doing a good enough job and does not need you in charge of the membership list of Christianity. God made me gay and I am answerable to Him, not bigots like you. I pray for your deformed soul.

    • God did NOT make you a homosexual. He is not a cause to sin. You are aware that homosexuality is a sin since it is described in the Bible books of Genesis and Romans. But God is willing to help you change direction. A good start would be to read the Bible regularly.

    • I read the Bible regularly. It also sanctions slavery and demands we kill people who work on the sabbath. If taken literally, you support such depravity.

      God made me gay. It was no choice. It sexual orientation was a choice you can tell me all about the day you decided to be heterosexual. Give specifics. Otherwise you are not being honest. And the Bible commands us to tell the truth.

    • I am another reader of the Bible. It says we should kill disobedient children and demands that women marry their rapists. Am I sinning because I won’t murder kids that curse. Itrail would say so.

    • So Itrail, I take from lack of a response as acknowledgement on your part that you cannot tell us about the day you decided to be heterosexual. Sexual orientation is not freely decided, that God made me gay. You lied. Keep in mind Itrail, I do not like when people lie about the reality of my life. So Itrail, this is America, land with religious freedom, which means you can openly worship a right wing sinister god that sanctions slavery and hates gay people. I, on the other hand, can openly worship a loving Christian God who made me gay.

      I pray for your deformed soul.

    • How dare you to say that God has made you gay. That is so far from the truth. God loves you and tells you to change your sinful ways, because you will be going to hell. And anyone else that doesn’t obey God’s law..

    • Charlie Old Chap

      God made me Gay! Sexual orientation is innate, not a choice. How dare you question God’s design! Funny you should bring up God’s law. God’s law is to treat all His children with respect, including his gay ones. You are a bigot. Charlie Old Chap, you are the one disobeying God. Repent Charlie. I hear hell is hot!

    • Uh, no. Being gay is a personal lifestyle choice made by those with a predisposition to it. Further, there is no evidence that Jesus repudiated the anti-homosexual statements made in the Bible.

    • John Old Chap, homosexuality is not a choice! Thank you for calling Charlie a liar. Why are right wing religionists so dishonest?

      John Old Chap, the only choice involved in my life is whether or not I accept what God has designed for me. He made me Gay. He blessed my same sex marriage. So yes, I chose God’s will and choose to live happily with the sexual orientation God made for me.

      I pray for you John!

  • And you were expecting a huge disconnect between liberals and conservatives? Time to step into reality, hatred and immorality is an equal opportunity political plan. Strive to live your life despite, not because of politics.

    • Yes Peter, it is truly sad that right wing religionists seek to take over the Republican party so that they can use politics and big government to regulate the lives of gays and others they hate.

      Tell it!

    • Renee has a strange sense of evil. It is not evil when people denigrate, bully and mistreat minorities. It is not hating God’s children, including His gay ones. No, Renee thinks it is evil when a same-sex couple falls in love, makes a commitment and then makes that commitment in one of the Christian churches that indeed perform same-sex marriage.

      You violate Jesus’s commandment to love all God’s children. It is sad that Renee speaks for the Republican base.

    • The freedom of association and contract entails the ability to make disapproved discriminatory decisions. It’s called freedom.

    • Free association indeed means your church can belch anti-gay bigotry. It is religious freedom. However, that same free association and religious freedom gives Christians the right to condemn your church’s bigotry. Moreover, that same religous freedom means Christian churches should have the right to perform legal same-sex marriages.

  • Yes, I doubt Republicans will vote for decency. Conservatives hate religious liberty. They would use the brute force of government to deny Christian Churches the right to perform legal same sex marriages. Hate. Therefore Wagner will not win the primary. Bigotry prevails.

    • You have major issues. The ones who will not vote for decency is the Democrats. BTW Democrats have no morals and have no idea of what being decent is. Males and females were created with the body parts to become one to procreate. 2 men nor 2 women can do that. If it were meant for people to be with the same sex, they would all fit together and could procreate. Conservatives are all about religious freedom and Liberty, you Democrats on the other hand are working real hard to take Christian’s rights away.

    • Renee Old Gal, I was married in my Christian church, a marriage performed by my pastor in front of family, friends and God. You are perfectly free to worship a sinister force that hates gay people, however, this is America, land of religious liberty. Clearly, you would use the brute force of government to deny Christian Churches the right to perform legal same-sex marriages. Renee Old Gal, you are the one working real hard to take Christian’s rights away.

      I pray for your deformed soul.

    • There is something terribly wrong with your reasoning abilities. #1. If you have a problem with the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman, then take it up with God. Don’t spew ridiculous garbage about conservative people being haters. That’s asnine. If the church (any Christian Church) supports marriage between the same sex, they aren’t Christian, and should disassociate themselves, as they have caved into society, and have defiled the commands of the Bible. As a Christian, I can easily love a sinner, but hate the sin they practice…be it thievery, adultery, idolatry, or sexual perversion… But don’t be deceived, God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap. Don’t think for a second that homosexuality is acceptable to God. It’s an abomination to Him.

    • Lynn Old Gal, nice try, but you are not God.

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my reasoning abilities. I don’t hate you. It is your sin of being a depraved bigot that I hate–for good reason. Say it!!! God commands you to love all His children, which would include His gay ones. Don’t sin Lynn Old Gal!

      No one died and put Lynn Old Gal in charge of Christianity. In fact I take everything up with God. The God who made me Gay has blessed my same-sex marriage and is morally repelled by right wing religionists who selectively use the Bible to harm people they hate.

      Don’t think for a second that your reactionary politics are acceptable to God. It is an abomination to Him.

      I pray for your deformed soul.

    • My Christian denomination performs same-sex marriages. Lynn does not have a monopoly on Christ.

    • Loving God’s children doesn’t entail agreeing with them or cooperating with them in their perversion.

    • John Old Chap, don’t flatter yourself into thinking we want bigots to cooperate in our lives. We already have God and don’t need you. We don’t need the perversion of bigotry in our everyday lives. Just leave us alone, stop interfering with our religious liberty.