Planned Parenthood Goes to War with President Trump

March 15, 2017

by Kevin Dawson

Two weeks ago, Planned Parenthood rejected an offer from President Donald Trump which would have continued federal funding to the organization, provided they cease performing abortions. Trump’s offer included the possibility of an increase in federal funding to Planned Parenthood, which appears to have not been enough of an incentive.

Now Planned Parenthood has declared war on the Trump administration. Yesterday, Politico reported that the abortion giant is launching a TV and digital campaign, costing $1 million, to feature cancer patients helped by Planned Parenthood. The ads will show on programs the president is known to watch, such as MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and are meant to remind Trump of times when he praised Planned Parenthood in the past for their work.

They are also encouraging grassroots activity, and the presumable goal of this campaign is to make defunding Planned Parenthood politically impossible while at the same time drumming up donations.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has also launched an attack on Judge Neil Gorsuch, Donald Trump’s nominee for the current Supreme Court vacancy. They reference his “alarming record on reproductive rights,” fearful that Gorsuch will fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to nominate a justice who would overturn Roe v. Wade. Whether this would come to fruition remains in question, however, as the current makeup of the Supreme Court does not seem to indicate that Roe would assuredly be overturned, even should Gorsuch earn the seat.

Planned Parenthood’s attacks on Judge Gorsuch attempt to link abortion to other contentious issues presently roiling the U.S.:

The Supreme Court will be the last line of defense when the president acts recklessly to target immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and people of color. They will have the duty of safeguarding the civil rights, equality, and dignity for all. They will either be the one to uphold Roe v. Wade, protecting the right of every woman to decide when and whether to bear children — or they will be responsible for dismantling our most fundamental rights.

However, Planned Parenthood’s attack doesn’t stand up to scrutiny, as Gorsuch has displayed a willingness to defend the rights of Muslims and would test any case against the Constitution, not the president. All evaluations of him indicate that he prefers the rule of law and judicial precedent over the endorsement of any agenda.

So, will Planned Parenthood win their war on Trump? The coming weeks and months will tell, but the contest in the meantime is likely to escalate, as Republicans seek to strip Planned Parenthood of their funding and Judge Gorsuch’s nomination advances. Expect Planned Parenthood to find ways to expand their assault — and also to ready themselves against the all-too-likely Trump tweets in response.

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  • Ernie Bridge says:

    Planned Parenthood needs to look back at it’s founding, when it was intended to promote and provide contraceptive care to women worldwide and to bring education to young women in the thirld world who were mistreated by the primitive governments in Africa and south Asia. I even made small donations when I thought they would help to slow down population growth. After Roe v Wade they discovered the cash flow to be had from getting into the abortion business. Now,although they continue to provide other health services they focus on their abortion clinics to the detriment of their more legitimate services. Ifg they were to get out of the abortion business others would take up with it whenever market forces showed the demand and they could rebuild a non-controversial business that would bring badly needed prevention services to millions of young women world-wide. So sad that they can’t come down from their political high horse.

  • Aurelia S romero, Biochemist ret. says:


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