Carson Weighs in on Transgender Controversies (VIDEO)

November 9, 2015

by The Pulse 2016

Ben Carson sat down last week for an interview with Jorge Ramos, where he was asked for his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance which was rejected by voters.  You can see his response below:

JORGE RAMOS: Let me ask you — In Houston recently they rejected a measure that would have banned discrimination against the LGBT community. Dr. Carson, should transgender men and women use any public bathroom they choose?

BEN CARSON: How about we have a transgender bathroom?

RAMOS: Would that be your solution, your proposal?

CARSON: Sure. Absolutely. There is absolutely no reason —

RAMOS: How would that work?

CARSON: It is not fair for them to make everybody else uncomfortable. It’s one of the things that I don’t particularly like about the [LGBT] movement. I think everybody has equal rights, but I’m not sure that anybody should have extra rights — extra rights when it comes to redefining everything for everybody else and imposing your view on everybody else. When, you know, the way that this country was designed it was live and let live. That’s the way I feel. So, I feel that gay people, they can do anything they want.

RAMOS: But you’re against gay marriage?

CARSON: I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, but I don’t care what somebody else believes. They can do whatever they want. What I object to is they get to change the definition for everybody and then impose that upon everybody.

RAMOS: But isn’t that inconsistent with what you just wrote? You say in your book, page 53, that “we should apply our civil rights laws equally to all Americans.” Gay [people] are Americans, transgender [people] are Americans.

CARSON: I stand by that, but that doesn’t mean you get to change the definitions of long-standing pillars of society. That’s different.

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5 comments on “Carson Weighs in on Transgender Controversies (VIDEO)”

  • jk105 says:

    Jimmy Old Boy is the filthiest form of low life liar. I demand you quote me ever denying someone the right to free speech. How dare you lie. Dr. Stabby has the legal right to belch his idiocies and I have the right to criticize them. That is free speech. But this is standard dishonesty from Jimmy Old Boy, who worships a god who sanctions slavery.
    Jimmy Old Boy worships depravity.

  • Jim144 says:

    You are such a hypocrite and you don’t even know it do you? You scream for “equal rights” while trying to deny others their right to free speech. You blaspheme, slander and generally stomp all over people you don’t even know and for what reason? Because they disagree with you!  Can anything be more hypocritical, narrow minded, and immature than that? I sincerely doubt there can be. Serious self examination is in order and frankly I think a good old fashioned trip to the woodshed would do more to dispel your anger and improve your overall disposition than anything else. My daddy laid it on with a thick leather belt, too bad yours did not. Lack of discipline breeds crybabies and brats not much good to society their whole lives.

  • jk105 says:

    So Dr. Stabby says from one side of his mouth that civil rights laws apply equally to all Americans, but then from the other side of his lying mouth he says …. except for the people he doesn’t like.   Typical lie from Dr. Stabby.

  • jk105 says:

    Jim144 Pervs?  Jimmy Old Boy, you worship a god who sanctions slavery and commands us to murder disobedient children. If you want a perv, look in the mirror.

  • Jim144 says:

    Three bathrooms now? What will it be, “Men” “Women” “Pervs”? No, we just need the two and not the extra expense on small businesses to have to find space and dollars for a perv room. 

    “…they rejected a measure that would have banned discrimination against the LGBT community.”
    How is it discrimination to require someone use the restroom matching their genitalia?  LGBT community is not being discriminated against. They just want special laws and special protections which discriminates against everyone not part of their lifestyle. Special laws just give them more opportunity to set people up and haul them into court trying to force their immoral lifestyle and beliefs on everyone else. Sooner or later they will get a backlash and wish they had handled things differently.

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