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Welcome to ‘The Big Family’

Everyone in Washington, D.C. has a lobbyist.

Except your family.

That’s why we’re launching ‘The Big Family’ as a way to fight for your family’s interests and values in the corridors of power across the Western world, and especially in Washington, D.C.

From big corporates to medium businesses to campaign groups and beyond: everyone has a lobbyist.

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But no one stands up for what President Donald Trump rightly called the “backbone of our nation”, and what Pope John XXIII called the “first essential cell of human society” – The Family.

The Big Family provides you a place to talk to like-minded citizens across the Western world and beyond, who care about the incursions into family life, from transgenderism to mass abortion to schooling to taxes and more.

The hard left has been chipping away at the American family, the British family, the European family, and the family ideal all around the world.

It’s time to say: “enough”.

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What You Get For Joining:

In addition to joining the fight, supporting our work, and exclusive access to our discussion forum, your membership of The Big Family will get you a limited edition “Make Families Great Again” red hat, as well as constant updates on what we’re doing to raise your family’s priorities in the halls of power across the world.

The Big Family (you!) will also give you the opportunity to report things to us from your neighborhood, community, town, city, or state. The under-reported news stories that affect your families, which we in turn can make sure gets the attention of legislators, reporters, analysts, and influencers.

Remember: if you don’t take citizen action, nothing will change.

Join The Big Family today and find out what a difference you can make for you and your family.

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