The British Government is Experimenting With Feeding African Kids Worms, Locusts, and Flies.

The British government is funding projects pushing Africans to farm and consume insects, including school-age children, in randomized trials, to assess their effects. The United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI) – a subsidiary of the country’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy – is responsible for backing the projects taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe. With a roughly $320,000 grant from the aid office, researchers in Zimbabwe will be experimenting with using mopane worms in porridge served to children in schools. Poor children aged seven to 11 in the towns of Gwanda and Harare


Bill Gates’s Nuclear Firm Collaborated With Chinese Military Proxy

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, who notoriously praised the Chinese government’s handling of coronavirus, has collaborated with a Chinese Communist Party-linked nuclear firm tied to the nation’s military, The National Pulse can reveal. The Microsoft billionaire chairs a nuclear power initiative working alongside a Chinese energy company deemed a military asset by the U.S. government. Gates has also extolled China’s economic exploitation of Africa as “valuable” and “beneficial.” The tech-entrepreneur “philanthropist” came under fire for insisting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) “did a lot of things right” with its coronavirus response, but the undeserved and factually inaccurate praise was just the


What’s More Racist: ‘Chinese Virus’ or the CCP’s Colonization of Africa?

Rep. Judy Chu (D-California) recently told CNN that it is ‘dangerous’ for the President to refer to Covid-19 as the ‘Chinese Virus’. “He is creating more xenophobia every single time he does that. And we can see the results in what’s happening to Asian Americans across the country.” A recent BBC article examined how the ‘virus of prejudice’ is manifesting in the nation of Kenya. It cited several recent examples, such as a viral video of an Asian man and woman being bullied by a large crowd in the capital of Nairobi. The BBC explains such prejudice is rooted in