One in 12 Mail-In Ballots Rejected In October Election.

One out of every 12 ballots cast in a recent election in Alaska was rejected due to irregularities including postal service errors and voter identity inaccuracies. The latest example of the shortcomings of the fraud-riddled voting method, mail-in ballots were used in the election due to fears of in-person voting prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The October election took place in Juneau and voters were deciding on a mayor, two Assembly members, three school board members, and an extension of a 3 percent sales tax. “Very highly disappointing for both voters and for our office,” City Clerk Beth McEwen, who

READ: The Full FBI Warrant Which Allowed Officers to Raid an Alaska Spa to Recover Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop.

The full warrant, detailing how a dozen FBI officers ended up raiding a spa in Alaska under false pretenses, has been released.  The story first came to major national attention after The National Pulse interviewed Paul and Marilyn Hueper, whose home and business was raided last week in an apparent case of mistaken identity. The 38 page document, below, reveals how poor a job the FBI did in identifying a woman they say was in Speaker Pelosi’s office on the afternoon of January 6th, 2021. In summary, the warrant appears to rely on Marilyn Hueper wearing a black coat and

Alaska Governor Makes State’s Supreme Court Pay for Pro-Abortion Mandate

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is making the state’s Supreme Court feel the pain of its own mandates. Earlier this year, the Alaska Supreme Court declared unconstitutional two state law prohibiting tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions, except those deemed medically necessary. The court called the laws “under-inclusive” in a 4-1 decision and mandated the continued taxpayer funding of abortion in the state. So when this year’s new budget reached Gov. Dunleavy’s desk, he used his line-item veto power to make the court feel the consequences. Approximately $335,000 in state taxpayer dollars was spent on elective abortions in