Can We Please Stop? These Disgraceful Political Attacks Are Killing America

After this month’s shooting at a Republican congressional baseball team’s practice outside Washington, D.C., we saw members of Congress from both sides of the aisle come together in friendship and camaraderie. There were countless calls for civility, joint press conferences, prayer services, and many more inspiring signs that we are one nation. It felt like September 12, 2001 again — people set aside their differences and focused on loving each other. It didn’t last long. The shooting occurred about 15 minutes from my home, in an area I know well. I’ve been to several congressional baseball games before, and I’ve

How We Should React to Today’s GOP Baseball Shooting

This morning, an anti-Trump gunman from Illinois opened fire on several GOP congressmen and staffers at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. The players were preparing for tomorrow’s annual Congressional Baseball Game, a long-running bipartisan tradition to raise money for charity. While the gunman managed to injure several, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, it appears that everyone, with the exception of the gunman, will survive. Because Scalise was present at the practice, Capitol Police happened to be on the scene and were able to stop the gunman after several minutes of gunfire. The reactions to this shooting have been varied from