CORTES: The Broadening Pro-America Coalition.

The America First movement continues to win over constituencies that previously predominantly pledged political allegiance to Democrats, from union workers to Hispanics. In addition, black Americans increasingly grow disillusioned with the liberal political establishment that takes their support for granted. A new crop of impressive and persuasive conservative black candidates emerges this cycle that could accelerate this movement with a significant GOP black caucus in the Congress. Specifically, the GOP has a solid opportunity to emerge from November 8th with a total of nine representatives and senators, which would eclipse the previous high water mark from the Reconstruction era. Two of the

CORTES: Vance’s Victory Over Ukraine Warmongers is an America First Foreign Policy Win.

JD Vance’s primary win in Ohio represents a fulcrum moment for the America First movement, because it validates that a populist nationalist approach to foreign policy can prove decisive with 2022 voters. In fact, Vance’s insistence that America reverse course and de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine provided the most crucial policy differentiator against his opponents. Consider the backdrop of a highly contentious primary in Ohio, one where JD faced a constant barrage of attacks, from both the leftist corporate media as well as from Republican operatives and organizations. The globalist Club for Growth poured the gargantuan resources of multinational big

American Patriot Curtis Ellis Passes Away.

Curtis Ellis, a former Trump 2016 campaign advisor and policy director with America First Policies, has passed away.  After a bout with cancer, Ellis passed away on Sunday night. He is survived by his twin brothers Rick and Paul Ellis, as well as his beloved Maxine Albert. Mr. Ellis, born in 1954, worked throughout his life to guarantee fair treatment for American workers, specifically holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable in recent years for hollowing out American towns and cities by stripping manufacturing jobs away. Mr. Ellis was one of the most robust voices in opposing America’s membership of the

CORTES: The Future of America First in The Face of Electoral Larceny

We deplorables will focus and fight, even with potential election setbacks including unfortunate dodges by courts and certifications of tainted votes by feckless state leaders in swing states. We must recognize the reality of what has transpired and then quickly ascertain the best affirmative path forward for the future of the America First movement. Whatever unfolds in the coming weeks, the first decision involves firmly rejecting defeatism. Yes, the 2020 process has been wholly corrupted. If Joe Biden is sworn-in as president in five weeks, this electoral larceny emanates from two primary sources of distortion. The first fraud commenced with

CORTES: These Republicans Are Rushing to Enable Soros-Backed Open Borders Policies – And They’ll Pay a Political Price.

“We owe them.” Former Vice-President Joe Biden proffered that assessment about illegal migrants at the presidential debate in Nashville on October 22nd. In reality, our country owes precisely nothing to people who trespassed their way into America, especially considering all of them jeopardize the economic security, and some of them imperil the physical safety of American citizens. The only debt owed by elected leaders is to the citizens of this great republic: the people who consent to being governed. Amazingly – and perhaps predictably – a group of Republicans have already emerged, ready to assist the left’s agenda to effectively

Gen. Mattis Pens Pro ‘America Last’ Op-Ed Begging for Biden Admin Role

General Jim Mattis – recommended by President Obama to President Trump and perhaps naively accepted – has penned an op-ed for the narrowly-read foreign policy industry magazine Foreign Affairs. In the co-authored piece, the four authors appear to embrace an “America Last” foreign policy in the style of the Obama administration. In what could only be viewed as a bid for “jobs for the boys” in a potential Biden administration, Mattis alongside his co-authors from the D.C.-swamp think tanks the Hudson Institute and American Enterprise Institute state: The United States today is undermining the foundations of an international order manifestly