EXC: YouTube Removes Pro-Family Group’s Page for Sharing Bannon War Room Interview Clips featuring Posobiec, Kassam, & Schilling.

Google-owned YouTube removed the account of a leading conservative pressure group on Monday, with The National Pulse learning that the zero-strike ban stemmed from the upload of three interviews from Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room podcast, also banned on the network. In an e-mail to the American Principles Project, which saw its archive of videos removed without warning, YouTube admitted to censoring the whole account because of three historic interview clips from Bannon’s podcast, which was banned in January after a censorship campaign by far-left activists. An e-mail from YouTube to the American Principles Project, seen by The National Pulse,

Episode 44: Faith, Family, and… Fauci (feat Terry Schilling)

Raheem Kassam and Terry Schilling tackle the topics of Tony Fauci and his COVID-19 virus, Marjorie Taylor-Greene, pornography, parenting, and accidentally hogtying one of Terry’s kids (in a video game, that is). Make sure you’re subscribed (it’s free!) on a podcast app and leave us a review!

Over 100 Grassroots Leaders to Congress: Protect Students’ Privacy!

This week, the American Principles Project, Education Liberty Watch, and Eagle Forum, along with leaders from more than 100 organizations both nationally and in 31 states, called on Congress to rewrite the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In a letter to the House Education and Workforce Committee, these organizations strongly urged Congress to protect the property interest that citizens have in their personal data and to recognize that it is not the role or right of government to probe a child’s most personal and sensitive attributes. Emmett McGroarty, senior fellow at American Principles Project and co-author of the new book, Deconstructing

APP’s Jane Robbins Reveals Dangers of Gov’t Data Mining to Congress (VIDEO)

On January 30th, American Principles Project senior fellow Jane Robbins gave outstanding testimony at a U.S. House Education and Workforce Committee hearing titled “Protecting Privacy, Promoting Policy: Evidence-Based Policymaking and the Future of Education.” She spoke eloquently about the critical need for data privacy over data security, the dangers of social emotional learning, and the enormous problems of steering students into certain careers based on predictive algorithms. You can watch her opening statement below:  The video of the whole hearing is available here. Below are some of the strongest points from her opening statement: The Government Has No “Right”

NEW POLL: Transgender Issues Are Toxic for Democrats

American Principles Project released a new poll this week showing that issues surrounding the transgender phenomenon are “toxic” for Democrats, especially when they involve children. The poll, conducted last week by Revily, Inc., surveyed 341 likely voters in the Virginia 13th District House of Delegates race between incumbent Republican Del. Bob Marshall and Democrat Danica Roem, a transgender activist. The poll, which was not a “push poll” as Roem falsely claimed to the media, specifically did not mention Roem’s “gender identity” and asked voters for their preferred candidate prior to asking about specific issues. The results were very revealing: Q5.) “On

SPLC Is Fake News, and the Media Should Treat It as Such

The Southern Poverty Law Center is in hot water. Begun several decades ago with the aim of fighting the influence of the Ku Klux Klan and other such groups, the SPLC has in more recent years begun to drift away from its original mission, conflating opposition to leftist causes such as the LGBT movement with white supremacy and racism. However, while the mainstream media has continued to cite them as an objective authority, there are signs the SPLC may finally have taken things too far. Yesterday, a Florida evangelical organization, D. James Kennedy Ministries, announced they would be suing the

Who Are the Sikhs?

Of the values that drive us at the American Principles Project, two very important ones are our commitment to religious liberty and equality. America is a melting pot of people and faiths and we work to make sure that we represent everyone. Recently, I met leaders of a new campaign who reminded me that we still have a lot of work to do. The National Sikh Campaign launched We Are Sikhs to help inform Americans about their Sikh American neighbors in the wake of hate crimes and discrimination against the community.  Despite being the world’s fifth largest religion, Sikhism is