Is Free College Really “Free”? New N.Y. Offer Could Be Risky for Students

Private colleges in New York are worried. They should be. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s newly passed legislation — offering free tuition at state universities and community colleges to students in families making up to $125,000 a year — is going to put a lot of private schools out of business. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Private colleges without a clear religious mission or incredibly upscale club branding absorb a lot of money for some very limited returns to the students who incur the debt. And such colleges are free to discriminate against conservative ideas and speakers if they choose. Crowding

The New Problem with Governors’ Girlfriends

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo isn’t the only governor with a girlfriend problem. Oregon’s Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber is in hot water for the fact that his girlfriend cum fiancée cum “first lady” has been using their personal relationship to make money, as Washington Post’s Wonkblog noted. The liberal Oregonian is calling on him to resign. Not, of course, for the bad example to the children which we now take for granted but at least for the affront to good government and taxpayers, bless ‘em: “To recite every reported instance in which Hayes, ostensibly under Kitzhaber’s watchful eye, has used