Report: 111 Californians Ended Their Lives Since Assisted Suicide Legalized

During the first six months of California’s End of Life Option Act (EOLA), nearly 200 people received life-ending prescriptions, according to a new report released by the state’s Department of Public Health. EOLA allows terminally ill adults to be prescribed and self-administer lethal doses of drugs. After Governor Jerry Brown signed it, the assisted suicide act went into effect on June 9, 2016. The report analyzed data acquired June 9 through December 31, 2016. During that time, 258 individuals began the end-of-life process with 191 of them being prescribed aid-in-dying drugs by 173 physicians. Of the 191 individuals, 111 died

Christian Doctors in Canada May Be Forced to Help Patients Commit Suicide

Christian doctors in Canada are facing a serious challenge to their religious freedom — a challenge which could soon threaten doctors here in the US as well. The Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDS) of Canada has gone to court this week against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario disputing the requirement that doctors who conscientiously object to offering “medical assistance in dying” are still forced to give an “effective referral” to the patient. The patient can then take that referral to a doctor who is willing to participate in assisted suicide. Doctors who refuse to provide the

Insurance Companies: We’ll Cover Assisted Suicide, But Not Treatment (VIDEO)

Insurance companies claim that their customers’ health is of utmost priority, but in reality, these companies sometimes prioritize the cheapest option — even if that means assisted suicide. Twice in the past year, Dr. Brian Callister, associate professor of internal medicine at the University of Nevada, tried to transfer cancer patients out of state for procedures not performed at his hospital, and twice he was told, “Brian, we’re not going to cover that procedure or the transfer, but hey, by the way, have you considered assisted suicide?” The calls Callister placed were to insurance companies in California and Oregon, two of

Study: “Existential Distress” Drives Patients to Assisted Suicide, Not Pain

On Wednesday, The New England Journal of Medicine released a study which calls into question the primary talking point used by supporters of assisted suicide — that people who ask for assisted suicide are suffering so much pain that forcing them to continue living is cruel and unjust. The study, based on information collected by Canada’s University Health Network from March 2016 to March 2017, found that most patients pursue assisted suicide simply because they are not satisfied with their lives. It is not primarily due to pain from their illnesses. Madeline Li, an associate professor at the University of

Catholic Hospitals Join the Killing Fields of Europe

It seems impossible, but the board that controls 15 Catholic psychiatric hospitals owned by the Brothers of Charity in Belgium has just agreed to help kill patients because of “unbearable suffering.” “We take seriously unbearable and hopeless suffering and patients’ request for euthanasia,” the board said. “On the other hand, we do want to protect lives and ensure that euthanasia is performed only if there is no more possibility to provide a reasonable perspective to treat the patient.” These are mental patients, mind you, who may not even able to clearly give consent. And these are Catholic hospitals. Nobody is more appalled

Culture of Death Advances in Hawaii

While the pro-life cause has had many reasons to celebrate in recent months, two new controversial bills being considered by the Hawaii state legislature should serve as a warning for how much life is still under threat across the country. The first bill in question, legislation which would legalize physician-assisted suicide, passed overwhelmingly in Hawaii’s state Senate last week and will now move to the state House of Representatives. Specifically, the bill would allow terminally ill patients who are determined to have 6 months or less to live, to request a lethal dose of medication. The Catholic Church is among

Would New Mexico’s Assisted Suicide Proposal Hurt Minorities?

Democrats in New Mexico are pushing legislation that would allow physicians to help their terminally-ill patients end their own lives. This past June, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against a case that would deem physician-assisted suicide a constitutional right. The new proposal challenges this ruling and would ensure that physicians who prescribe life-ending drugs to their patients do not face any legal consequences. The ACLU, which opposed the practice of physician-assisted suicide at its conception in the 1960s, now holds that physician-assisted suicide is in fact a constitutional right, and voiced their outrage for the court’s ruling last June.

House GOP Makes Right Move in Rejecting Assisted Suicide

Republicans in the House Oversight Committee voted yesterday to block D.C.’s rapidly advancing move towards legalizing assisted suicide in the District. Though the District of Columbia has the right to elect its own city officials and pass its own laws, Congress retains the ability to veto any of the city’s legislation, if a vote can be achieved to do so. Despite the criticism they might receive (and are currently receiving) from D.C. citizens, Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and his fellow Republicans are right to thwart this misguided policy. Legislation such as this opens the door to abuse. How do we